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Checking In Before Arriving...

08 January 2008 - 05:29 AM

Hi All,

I have read a few of the threads on this forum and found them quite interesting and sometimes yes, even enlightening. Particularly the ones about Cretan society and neighbours being overly interested in what you do, tho' it seems that you are at a particular disadvantage if you are a woman. Well perhaps fortunately then in this particular case I find that I am not. My name is Irish as I am but I lived in Canada before getting jammed in the UK for the last 15 years helping to bring up a beautiful daughter. I have children in Canada too and so I saw it as my responsibility to make sure that all the young people knew each other, and managed to see something of each other at least a couple of times a year..

I don't know why the majority of the UK ex-pats left for Crete, but for me it's principally the insane bureaucracy, lack of privacy and the rather gratuitous capitalistic values that drive the tax system - while offering no real hope to the countries young people.

Fortunately all the kids arrived here safely for Christmas as usual, but this time with countless fiancés and girlfriends in tow. As my house is small I rented a much larger one with open fireplaces and a room for everyone - then frantically decorated, installed a huge tree and bought masses of food and gallons of wine just before they arrived.. As they all disappeared to Paris or London over New Year leaving me to put things in order and move everything back to the smaller house, I realised that was the end of an era. Suddenly Crete or somewhere similar beckoned..

My daughter wondered if I’d move to Vancouver to be near my ‘grandchildren?’ An arctic-like trepidation arose slowly up my spine at the awful thought of grand parenting a tiny person, and then maybe gawd even knows perhaps a rash of ‘em would tumble into my life – self-preservation said that if I let that happened I was surely sunk for another 20 years.... and this dear fellow forum members was my sole reason for deciding to move to Crete. I have never been there and had little idea of the practical realities before researching it a little over the last few days. Yet I have convinced myself....

Now I should explain that I am also stoney broke but I have a mate that will lend me the down payment on a place as long as it can show a profit.

Quite a dilemma really, that is until I realised OK, well - tho’ I had planned to maybe just hideaway way out west and do a bit of shepherding, fishing and getting healthy until I was generally forgotten; I actually found a place with an ocean access down by Sitia. The idea would be to build a wooden Japanese-like bridge across the hills and trees, dotted sparsely on both sides by Morrocan tents, Tipis and yurts which could be rented out, with horses and bicycles and whatever else may be in demand 4x4's for example?.

Like most of my unbusiness-like ideas (I work for the NHS...) it's all a bit hair-brained perhaps, but certainly worth a year’s effort and the investment of someone else’s money… If anyone lives around that area of Crete - and the sale does go through, it would certainly be good to meet some fun loving people – I’ll bring all the tea bags u want if you'll teach me some rudimentary Greek around the BBQ, and if you know anything about the more subtle ways to start a business in Crete I'll even stop off at IKEA for you :-)