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Kalimera From Wuppertal

19 October 2007 - 06:50 PM

Hallo Explore-Crete-Forum,

during the last years I sometimes visited explorecrete.com and always found interesting and useful information.

I travel to Greece since '75, when I stayed for four months in Athens in order to learn the language, and to Crete since '78, but within the last 5 years it's mainly Crete which attracts me.

Usually I spend some days in Archanes while being in Crete, and some days in Sfakia. The rest of time I try to get to know new places, but time is never enough...

Some months ago, I started, together with some other members of the German kretaforum.eu (hi CJMeyer!) a new web-project www.kreta-wiki.de, where we want to inform German speaking travellers about the time of the German occupation of Crete. So I would be glad maybe to get information, pictures, contacts ... related to this question here in the forum too. The corresponding pages here on this website and Tim's research about the Kreipe abduction brougt me to join this forum.

But of course I'm interested in other Cretan matters too, i.e. maybe you would like to have a look at my website about Archanes www.pinakas.de and about Archaniotes www.pinakas.info, though they are still only in German language.

Jeia sas kai sto kalo