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David and Glenda

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15 August 2008 - 11:30 AM

This morning I got an email telling me I had a Personal message in my In-box.
Sure enough I did - however it was one of those ' Hi love to meet you - I got photos' types.
Anybody else receiving them or was I just unlucky? <_<

New Owners

14 September 2007 - 11:55 AM

Allow us to introduce ourselves.
We are David & Glenda, currently residing in Wakefield, West Yorkshire.
After a false start we have purchased a property in Skopi through the auspices of LINK REMOVED BY ADMIN - READ THE FORUM RULES!
The house is situated on a small street at the bottom of the village and we have lovely views across the valley.
We've met the neighbours and now have a stream of steady orders for the leaves from our big tree for the neighbour's goats!
The purchase was relatively painless and Jim et al who run the business look after us very well.
The only problem we now have is the renovation costs exceeded our expectations and some serious discusions are needed and perhaps a change of plan.
I've added a picture of the house after we spent a couple of days cleaning up the garden area.
Due to a change of holiday plans ( never trust Easy cruise!) we are having a fortuituous trip next week to re-appraise our plans with the builder and, hopefully, buy some furniture.
David & Glenda Butler