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In Topic: The "explore Crete" Village

01 September 2007 - 09:08 AM

I'm jealous - being in the west I don't recognise and want to know!!! But then I guess it's an excuse (if I needed one) to keep exploring this island!
Anyway, thought we had people on board to open a taverna etc
I'm really good at pouring beer and washing up..........................

In Topic: The "explore Crete" Village

28 July 2007 - 07:34 PM

Hey, this sounds as if you are really serious. What a great idea, I don't know what skills I could contribute - organising and coffee making perchance?
I have been asking around about a reasonably similar scheme. I am, and know lots of people who are, shall we say amateur artists,craft-workers, etc.etc. Many of us would love to set up some kind of co-operative, workshop, studio sort of area. However, from those of my friends who do this work for a living, the accounts answer is that it can't be done - businesses have to declare their business, pottery, painting, etc.etc and the thought of many people doing different things doesn't fit.
My greek isn't so good in this specific area. I'd love to ask around the small village co-operatives as to how it's organised but I guess villages may organise their own.
Is there anyone out there who has any experience of this, please.
Sorry if I'm diverting a bit from the basic topic, but then wouldn't it be good to have such a place in the village as a focal point of interest?