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#18536 Well, Ladies And Gentleman, Boys And Girls. I Am Coming Back

Posted by aardigman on 14 April 2016 - 04:44 PM

Hello all 



it has been quite a while since I posted. Although I do drop in from time to time. 


this time I am going to Crete from June 22nd until July 13th. Three weeks of bliss. 


We are going to 4 different places Georgioupolis, Agia Galini, Paleochora and Chania. we have never been to Georgioupolis before and looking forward to it. 10 weeks from yesterday. the countdown started. And so 

 Pam if you still go to Kalives beach in the afternoons let me know. we could call down to see you both. 

and if anyone has any  interesting suggestions, places or things to do around the places we will be I would be delighted if you would share them. 


Very best regards to all 




#18197 I Am Back

Posted by aardigman on 28 April 2015 - 12:39 PM

Well Peoples


8 weeks for me to go on my annual holiday to Crete. This will be my 17th year visiting Crete. And, this year we are spending three weeks instead of the usual two weeks.

5 days in Rethymon

9 days in Paleochora

5 days in Chania


God I can feel the heat and taste the raki already.


Hi Pam and Bob, How are you both? do you still visit Kalyves in the afternoons??





#17740 The Situation In Crete At The Moment

Posted by aardigman on 08 April 2014 - 10:22 AM

Hi All


Well, as you see from the above we have 11 weeks to go for Crete. Since we will be going to Kalyves and are hoping to hire a car, maybe someone might know if there is a reliable car hire company in Kalyves. To book over the internet is seems to be very expensive and, well, I do like to see what I get before signing up.


Many thanks



#17053 The Situation In Crete At The Moment

Posted by aardigman on 05 June 2012 - 09:18 PM

Well, Thank you for the responses Yvonne, Pam and Ros21. I HAVE NO intention of letting the newspapers change my mind about going to Crete. I have been going for the last 13 or 14 years and have travelled North South East and West, and am TOTALLY (god, I sound like a teenager lol and believe me I am not lolol) looking forward to going back to familiar and unfamiliar places, but, I did feel in the last two years it was a bit quieter then before. It is not the best time of the year but family circumstances demand we go from July 6th until 20th. Anyway, so long at there are no strikes stopping us from going there, I will be happy. AND, to be honest, not really worried about getting home. lol they can strike all they want once I get there. And, Ros thank you for the invite. at the moment, we are planned to land on the 6th of July in Heraklion Airport at 23.45 and taking a taxi to Heraklion to our hotel, then, staying until Sunday and hiring a car to travel to Bali, (never been to Bali, for a few days and then travelling to Plakas (hope I got the spelling right) and then on to Agia Galini. The countdown has started here and my wife is calling the holiday "The Great Escape". So, there you have it, "The Great Escape" sounds like a film lolol. anyway, thank you for your responses and if you think of anything else to add ..... please do ....
Thank you very much ...


#17049 The Situation In Crete At The Moment

Posted by aardigman on 31 May 2012 - 07:03 PM

Well, there has been very little activity in the forum of late, I wonder why? I am booked to go to Crete in July 6th until july 20th and intend to travel around by car. It is the best way rather then a package holiday. However, a question to those who are in Crete at the moment or living there, what are your impressions? are they tourist numbers down? What are the crete people generally thinking of the situation?
You might be forgiven for thinking the worst if reading the papers was anything to go by. Please share your thoughts
Thank you


#16184 Need Advice On Places To Stay In Agia Galini

Posted by aardigman on 07 March 2010 - 02:23 PM

Hi All.
Well, I have just booked yet again my holiday to Crete. This will be our 12th time there and we have travelled all over the island. While I know that it is generally easy to get rooms anywhere in Crete (I never have had a problem or bad experience) we hope to spend som time in Agia Galini having discovered it last year. I know from the forum it is Wim's favorite lol Anyway I would like some recommendation on accommodation. We will be in Crete from the 25th June until 9th of July.I am counting the days until then.
Many thanks in advance