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05 May 2007 - 10:02 PM

Ahhh...What the heck!

Ladies and gentlemen let me introduce Kickie. Not a new member but more often a quiet one, unless you ask me why I love Crete.
I'm a perfectly well preserved Swedish woman, a mother of two great young adults and a regular visitor of Chania since 16 years. Seen other parts of the island too, and am a sucker for Knossos, but Chania holds my heart. Will there ever be time enough to explore all amazing corners of Crete, will my brain keep in mind all the stunning facts I learn? I have no idea but hence I'm relocating permanently in a few days at least I'll give it all a try.

Leaving Sweden for the "Great Unknown" wasn't a tough decision, I simply had to wait for my children to grow up and finish school. Now they have, my son decided to become a Brit (might have to do with the Ale) and my daughter is just as mad about Crete as I am. Life's wonderful! I'm selling all my belongings and expect to make a new start - Yes, I know it won't be easy but I don't expect it to be either! - in Chania. I rather give it a try and fail than regret that I didn't dare. Life in Sweden have never been easy, only well known, familiar and rather dull. After spending months in Crete, even wintertime, I wouldn't dream of calling it dull. Crete put sparkles in my eyes.

Cheers to my future life!

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Chronia Polla Kosta!

16 March 2007 - 12:05 PM

From a sunny but so far cold Sweden...

Chronia Polla Kosta!

All the best on your BIG birthday//Kickie