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25 May 2007 - 03:24 PM

Hi Brook,

Yes, Chania is lovely!

As for housing I'll have to quote an 80's singer to answer; Wherever I lay my hat... We still haven't got a flat, but home is Agia Marina - Platanias, and there are plenty of sun beds:D

Staying with a friend the first couple of days to give me time to look at some flats and find a job. I've got two interviews coming up. My daughter has her job in Agia Marina and none of us drive (sober...) so we thought nearby would be best for her. Me, I might have to use the local buses but then I'm not on holidays anymore. If we make it through the summer we will probably have more to choose from.

Time will tell, and as soon as I know so will you all.


In Topic: Living Next To You Neighbours In Crete

24 May 2007 - 09:26 PM

I've come to realise that all these things that I dislike are the things that I like best. I'VE NEVER FELT MORE ALIVE.

Spot on Mary! That's what make my eyes sparkle :huh: We wouldn't keep coming back if it was that bad, would we?


In Topic: Living Next To You Neighbours In Crete

24 May 2007 - 12:50 PM

Dinny, You have a horrible neighbor that absolutely need a BIG doze of Danish whoop-ass! Make sure he/they gets it before you move! No need for politeness in either language, Ade g***sou works perfectly fine, put some real effort in and shout it. I agree with Mary, "Just tell him off in your language louder and wave you hands higher, even if it's not in your nature!" I know it works as I've done it myself a couple of times :huh:

Some of my success origin from the summer when I worked as a bouncer in a well known bar in Platanias and actually had to hit a couple of noses. I don't like fighting but h*ll I'm good at it! Did some "educational" banging around in the street once and haven't had any problems ever since. Some rumors occurred later about me having a black belt in martial arts. No further comments...

I'm a rather timid person and have had big problems adjusting when it comes to Greek ques, hence I end up waiting for hours and hours. Last summer I was in a hurry shopping, a young bloke and his girlfriend passed me and I simply exploded. I told him of in Swedish, English AND Greek, mixed, and felt better than ever when I left the shop. The bloke was speechless and my daughter more than surprised since it was very not me.

When I changed house last summer I ended up in the "old community" with little or no privacy. I rented a flat in a private house, the wonderful landlady well over her 70's not speaking any English at all. The night I moved in a male friend of mine drove me and my luggage there and stayed a couple of hours, indoors..., for a drink and a chat. The next day I got invited for lunch at my landlady's and she cross examined me. Was I divorced? Was my husband bad? Did I have children? Where where they? How old? Was my friend a boyfriend and was he a good boy? and so on...I simply answered yes to all questions, she herself assumed my ex hubby was drinking (rightfully) and she was very pleased after that. I did "my laundry" in public, inviting friends to my flat without bothering further and everyone seemed very happy with me.

So go for it girls, if they p*ss you of let them know it!

P.s. Dinny, I wish you all the best with your future neighbors!

In Topic: Living Next To You Neighbours In Crete

23 May 2007 - 09:44 AM

Mary, I grew up in a small (even compared to Cretan standards) village and know exactly all about "village mentality" as I'm not only a woman but also a bastard. Panagia mou, the locals had plenty to talk about and I was only 18 months when I moved there! Through out the years I developed "bad hearing" and realized that whatever I did I did it wrong in the locals eyes, so I stopped caring.

When I started coming to Crete the village behavior was familiar to me. I was and am a single woman, Swedish and blue eyed too B) Made a few good friends (male), talked to everyone and still do, didn't bother much about gossip and didn't understand if I was the topic of the week. Maybe I was, probably I was. One thing I never made was friends with other women. Even some ex paths (women) where jealous and thought I'd steal their men, one still is... It took me 14 years but I finally have a couple of girl friends, both Greek and foreign and all of them married or engaged to Greek men. I didn't give up and I never will, take me as I am or not!

A local friend of mine said a while ago - Kickie, never change for anyone else. If they don't like you as the wonderful caring person you are, they won't like you in any other way! That applies to every country and village.

Now I'm keen to get fluent in Greek so I can hear if they backtalk me :huh: There's plenty to talk about, my nick IS Crazy Kiki, the one who walked through a village dressed in a top with "Poli Trelli Kota" printed in glow-in- the-dark letters (and knew what it meant). You get far with some kick-ass mentality.

I think I need another coffee...

In Topic: Kickie

23 May 2007 - 09:07 AM

Kalimera Kriti!

Thank you all for your kind wishes, I will try to keep you posted on my well being and location. If it gets only half as bad and tough as I imagine I will be in paradise, it's all about finding a permanent job as many of you know. Two interviews coming up, fingers crossed!

I've already got plenty of sewing waiting, as all relocated Scandinavians seem to lack curtains and I'm bringing my machines over. Rumor spread fast, a pretty new dressmaker in Chania, which probably will contribute to a more grandiose lifestyle than begging :huh:

Only 9 more days in winter clothes!

Hope to see some of you around//Kickie