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#17194 Dave W

Posted by Ros21 on 11 September 2013 - 09:30 AM

This is very sad news. I have copied a message Dinny sent me last night.

So sad to hear that Dave Williams, whom we know from ExploreCrete, has died tonight. I had a friends request from his daughter this evening and immediately I was close to tears, because I expected what she wanted to contact me for. I am so sad for him and his family. He was just - finally - retired and was enjoying life with his little granddaughter, then he caught cancer, was rushed through chemio I think - and did not make it. He was such a funny chap and with such a great approach to whatever life would hand you. It was really a sad message to receive.

#17193 Ehic Cards

Posted by Ros21 on 10 September 2013 - 05:41 PM

I hope Alan's foot heals up quickly. Glad to know the EHIC worked so efficiently for you. 

#17038 Question For Property Owners

Posted by Ros21 on 13 April 2012 - 11:04 PM

Hi Yvonne,

My understanding, is that this only applies IF work has been carried out without planning permission/permit, ie illegal building. I bought a renovated house in 2007 (it was renovated in 2006)& I have the building licence with my deeds for the work.
There has been a so called "amnesty" by the Greek govt whereby if people have made illegal alterations to their property they can pay a fine, rather than have to demolish the illegal parts. Some people have built rooms in their basements, which were only for storage, others have closed in balconies to make further rooms, pergolas have also been built without permission.
If you want to sell a property now, it MUST conform with the deeds/building licence & a surveyor has to check the property against them. If the property doesn't conform to these, then the seller has to regularise the position before they can sell.

#16309 Explore Crete Dinner July 2010

Posted by Ros21 on 21 May 2010 - 03:30 PM

Hi all,

After the success of the Explolre Crete dinner in May this year, it was suggested that we do it all again in July!!!

I will be around 2nd-24th. I think Ton said he will be around the 1st week of July, obviously Dinny, Pam & Bob are already on the island & maybe Yannis can join us this time. Wim, what about you?

Ton has suggested that we eat in a village called Yeni Gave, apparently it's famous for spit-roasted meats, suckling pig in particular. Now I had serious problems locating this place on a map! all my Cretan neighbours knew it & were describing where it was, could I find it, no. Eventually I found it on the maps in The Battle for Crete & The Cretan Runner, so....... current maps, again NO. Eventually after many days of research I discovered the village is now called Dros(s)ia & hey I've now found it on several maps!!! It's on the old road from Heraklion to Perama/Rethymon, north west of Anoigia.

Any other takers for July?


#14395 Explore Crete Dinner In September

Posted by Ros21 on 24 June 2008 - 02:44 PM

Ok so it has been established that Dinny will be having an Explore Crete Dinner each month this summer!!! Lucky Dinny. ^_^
Who is going to be around in September for an Explore Crete Dinner?
I will be here for all of Septmber, so dates aren't important to me.