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In Topic: Road Trip From Prague To Chania, Crete?

19 April 2007 - 04:43 PM

Hello. :(

Well I have decided on a different route,, now going from Prague to Venice - 10 hour drive, ferry from there to Patras - 28 hours, then drive to Pireaus - 3 hours, then ferry to Heraklion - 9 hours.
I prefer to do it this way after alot of research and costings as I don't fancy driving for to long, only 1,000 KM's total, rather than going down to Ancona, so this option is easier, for me anyhow, but longer in time and just a little more expensive!!
A small price to pay to be able to sit back and relax on the ferry.
And my Peugeot is 7 years old and needs nursing :huh: :lol:
It will cost me 248 Euro's for both ferries, 1 car and 1 person on deck, plus I have calculated around 100 Euro's in fuel.

The ferry site is here.. >> http://paleologos.fo...pgres.exe?PM=BM

I just need to find accommodation in Heraklion or around for one night for me, 22/05/07 and another night for me, my wife and 1 year old son on 23/05/07 somewhere around Heraklion Airport area, as this is where I will be meeting my family.
Also any info on accommodation in Patras or on route to Pireaus, 20/05/07 for one night?

Any info regarding this trip welcome :blink:

Thanks in advance.

In Topic: Road Trip From Prague To Chania, Crete?

26 February 2007 - 04:40 PM

Hello all,
I am still thinking about this route, but probably will go via Serbia, Macedonia.
My next question is I would like to bring 'drinks' from Czech Republic for my personel use over the time I will be in Crete.
Do the customs do checks or searches in the last 2 countries.. (Serbia, Macedonia)??

In Topic: Road Trip From Prague To Chania, Crete?

19 January 2007 - 02:08 PM

Hi All,
thank you for your replies.. :)

I am planning to go in May and return in Oct, so hopefully there will not to many holiday makers kicking around :lol:

The other option, 2000Km, is to go by road via Slovakia, Hungary, Serbia, Macedonia and Greece into Athens, then on a ferry.
I have looked at the map again and it does not seem possible to go via Bulgaria and Romania, well without adding extra KM's and going on non main roads?
I assumed you can go E75 all the way down?
With this route through Serbia, Macedonia, I am wondering about customs, police, theft, break-ins, etc

I would like to look at all possibilties of making this trip, though I think I would want to do it as quick as possible, also with the minimum of cost and with just a few stop overs..

To go via Italy, I have done a quick calculation and it seems it is approx 1400KM by road and 2 ferries, like Ton said and by road to Athens just under 2000KM and just 1 ferry!!
I will have to look at the costs and the time it takes?

Lets see what time will bring?