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Meet New Friends

31 January 2007 - 02:50 PM

Hi :)

I like to make new aquintances as we are going to live in Crete from mid Feb. We are a family of husband/wife, a son of 3 and half yrs old, and expecting a new baby end March. I like to meet women living in crete - area heraklion - stalida - with a similar family situation. As i will not be working this year, with a little baby, it would be nice to meet with the kids: beach, playgrounds, lunches, chats etc. I have a good relationship with my greek family on Crete and other friends there (but none with smaller kids) I am an open person, interested in languages (know a bit of greek) books, outdoor life, alternative views, politics, social welfare etc. Hope to get in touch with others living permanently in Crete. :)

New At The Forum And Moving To Crete

11 January 2007 - 03:51 PM

Hi, B)

I have been following explorecrete for years but now i thought it was about time to register. Iam a scandinavian married to a cretan and we have a son three and a half years old. Have been travelling much to crete since 1997 to visit his family and spend some holiday time there. We also lived there most of 2000 working in the tourist business. We were about to move to crete last may, rented a flat etc. But then we became pregnant and returned to my country for the wintertime and the health system. We did get married and baptised our son before leaving crete, a very special occassion. Longing much back to crete now, and we might go back already in february and have the baby in crete instead. my due date is 22nd March. However this is also a bit scary, eventhough i know babies are born everyday all over the world. I have a fair knowledge of greek and a small network of friends foreign and greeks. I would really like to meet and chat with people in the same situation as me. Preferably with children at the same age. We are living between Heraklion and Hersonissoss. Hoping for many replies. :blush: