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#12309 Little Cove In Kokkino Chorio

Posted by Laid Back Lil on 01 December 2007 - 12:25 PM

Hi everyone. As you know we've got a place in Kokkino Chorio. Less than a mile from us is a beautiful cove, accessible by a track, and then a zig-zag steep roadway down to the beach..(not for the faint-hearted like myself). :( You can park on the beach (what there is of it - maybe big enough for 10 cars only). The first part of the beach (where the cars are) is sand, then large rounded rocks leading into the sea. Totally unspoilt, no facilities etc, a fantastic place to snorkel and feed the fish etc in absolutely crystal clear water. However, last week when we visited, we were told of another cove not far from this one. Instead of going down the zig zag bit, we walked straight on down a dusty track-way, and then came to some concrete man-made very steep steps down the cliff. At the bottom of the steps there is a cave with steps cut into it, going down and coming out the other side into a magical tiny cove, where the water gently laps mauve/purple rocks. Steps have been cut into the rock face to enable people to get to a massive cave (which again being faint-hearted and not wearing proper shoes I did not go in. :lol: ... plus the fact it was very very dark!). B) Now, getting to the point I'm trying to make - can anyone throw any light on who made those first set of concrete steps down and who made the rock steps through the cave into the cove. This area was heavily populated by the Germans at one time and we wonder if this particular cove was used during the war. If you look on Google Earth, you can see the first cove, but you cannot clearly see the one a bit further than I am talking about. Any info would be appreciated please.

#9429 Furniture

Posted by Laid Back Lil on 30 October 2006 - 09:46 PM

We are coming out to sign all our paperwork with our solicitor in Chania in 2 weeks time. We heard furniture is more expensive than here - does anyone know of any reasonable shops and can pinpoint us in the right direction? Thankfully all white goods etc and built in wardrobes are there - we are looking for beds, leather bed-settee and sofa 2-seater and table and chairs. If anyone can give us a rough estimate as to what to expect :lol: this would be gratefully received. Thanks :D