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Ill Met By Goonlight

09 July 2014 - 05:15 PM

Through one of my fellow S.O.E sources I today heard of a Goon show that was base on Ill Met by Moonlight.

Appropriately titled as above, for Goon fans, see http://www.bbc.co.uk...rammes/b007jnxg and sooner rather than later as it is only available on this link for a further 6 days.

Apologies to non-Brits who may not understand the humour of the famous Goons

Some Sites To Tempt You To Holiday In Crete- If You Need Tempting

05 December 2013 - 10:00 PM

Whilst trawling the web for information about certain people and places I came across two sites that I think may appeal to wider audiences.


The first is a site which I think is run by Papa Andreas Kefaliogiannis from Anogia, a gentle and welcoming bear of a man whom I have met on a couple of occasions. I was introduced to him by our webmaster Yannis in 2005 and photos of that occasion are elsewhere on this website.


More recently, just before Easter, I met him again in Anogia. A man who is passionate about his flock,his village, his church, his country..and football!  I remember asking him how a visitor to Anogia could buy a coffee of drink of some sort for those who had shown their generosity in buying a stranger such a drink, He said 'it is not possible'. Have a look through http://www.anogi.gr/...es/category/νέα  to see more of him and what is going on in Anogia- it seems the snows came last night..


Through that website I came across a Cretan walking/climbing club website and, lo and behold, they have some of their routes shown in series of photographs, and one of them is the Anogia to Psiloriti leg taken by the Kreipe abduction party. See http://www.fysi.gr/i...omes&Itemid=171 for a series of photos taken quite recently.  If you follow the sequence, a few past the church shows a small cave and this is where the Kreipe party met up with local andartes before setting off across Psiloriti - it is one of the few caves that I have managed to visit although my more able walking colleagues (described by a well known American extreme runner friend as two people who should come with a health warning they walk so fast even he had trouble keeping up) have now found all caves bar one (and we think we now know where that one is)


There are also some great videos on you tube of village music and dancing, using a Greek keyboard option seems to turn up so much more than when you search in English.





Save Southern Crete ?

28 August 2011 - 08:12 PM

This sounds worrying.

A Mystery Solved- Kreipe's Car's Falgs Donated To Rethymnon Museum

25 August 2011 - 10:56 PM

Many people I know who have taken an interest in the story of the capture of General Kreipe, by Paddy Leigh Fermor and others, have asked what happened to the pennants from Kreipe's car. Billy Moss's book Ill Met by Moonlight records them having been removed by Paddy when he abandoned the Generals car.
I too had wondered but can now reveal all.
I have just heard from Artemis Cooper, Paddy's biographer, that they were initially kept by Billy Moss but on his death his daughters gave them to Paddy. Paddy kept them in a tin trunk under wraps and by all accounts few got to see them.
In the 1960's he arranged, with the encouragement of Niko Kokonas, for them to go to the Rethymnon museum after his death. A week or so the flags were give to the museum in accordance with Paddy's instructions.
The flags are described as about 15" high, the triangular pennant sticking out about 12". The first is painted red, white and black in horizontal lines, like the German flag. The other shows the gold Nazi eagle with outspread wings pearched on a wreath, embroidered onto a piece of grey fabric whih is then mounted onto the metal pennant.
I should get hold of some images of them in the near future and will add them to this post as son as I can.

Congratulations To Our Webmaster.

09 July 2011 - 05:42 PM

In a couple of hours, our webmaster and good friend Yannis will be married to the lovely Maria.
They make a terrific couple and we wish them a wonderful Greek wedding and many many years of happy married life together.
Brigid, Birjit and I were lucky enough to meet Maria with Yannis back in May. They make a great couple and I am sure everyone here at Explorecrete joins us in wishing them a wonderful future life together.
Well done on your catch Maria (and even more so on your catch Yannis ;-) )

Tim & Bid