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War Memorial

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Posted 16 May 2008 - 10:15 PM

Relate my 'adventures' ?????? Where do I start ? Arrested in India?. Accosted by gipsies in Greece? Ambushed by Iraqis in Basra or welcomed by the Maoists in Nepal ? to name a few. The truth is I am so busy planning my next pilgrimage I leave the telling to others. Look up Google under Lone Piper Bill Jenkins/Bangalore/Greece/ Iraq ........ Photographs? I have hundreds but getting them onto a forums is beyond my capabilities at the moment. I may bring some with me whewn I visit Crete.
My profile .... Buried in the rubble of my home in wartime Liverpool. Family scattered to seek shelter and father killed by air raid. Later served in 42 Royal Marines Commando and still later as a police officer in Liverpool. Shopkeeper, market trader, puppetier, charity worker and finally at 73 years of age dedicated to travelling the world alone to ensure that WE WILL REMEMBER. That's a bit about me but my journies are not about me. They are about people who unlike me never had the pleasure of sitting a great grand child on their knee. That pleasure was taken away by the terror of war. I have several journals I have written about my pilgrimages and perhaps one day I may release threm when I get time. As I say my journies are not about me about people like Argyri Stavroulaki who had he survived the massacre of VATHI would have been exactly the same age as me today .......................................

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Posted 18 May 2008 - 12:24 PM


A bit about me. I am a 73 year old Liverpool (UK) senior citizen. I live with my wife. I have two grown up sons and a foster daughter. I have four grand children and four great grandchildren. I am an ex Royal Marine Commando and an ex police officer.
I have been a shopkeeper, market trader, charity worker and in recent years have dedicated my life to travelling the world reminding people of the sacrifices which have won for me the freedom to live my chosen life in peace.

I am a man of very modest means but manage to fund my world wide war graves pilgrimages by taking my pipes to the streets of the UK. I have a display which tells the story of the price our troops have paid for 'victory'. The support of the general public enables me to travel to places like Africa, India, Nepal, Iraq, Malta, Bulgaria and throughout the UK.
I DO NOT ASK FOR OR INDEED WILL I ACCEPT FINANCIAL SPONSORSHIP other than the coins donated on the streets. That way none feel that they are under an obligation to respond to 'appeals'.

Having spent the last twenty years playing my pipes in tribute to soldiers, sailors and airmen I have decided that in September 2008 I will return to where my pilgrimages began - CRETE. I could well have joined the various celebrations in May but decided to make my contribution more personal. I now plan to visit as many CIVILIAN MEMORIALS as I can in the time alloted to me - three weeks.

You might describe me as a loner. That is by choice as in the past my association with organisations has meant that I ended up on a committee. My experience of some committees is that they spend too much time talking about what needs to be done and little time actually doing it. Hence 'The Lone Piper'. That is not exactly true. The title was given to me in a letter from H M The Queen which requested "Do keep us informed of the adventures of 'The Lone Piper. The name stuck.

My journey to Crete will entail some 20/30 locations. I think the highlight for me will be when I sit in certain remote Cretan village, probably alone, raising my glass to TWO LITTLE BOYS. One was a wee lad killed in that village at the same time as I lost my home and father in my native Liverpool. Both victims of war. Had he lived we would have shared a yarn and had a wee dram dedicated to 'Absent Friends'

As for me writing of my adventures. I have written journals of my travels but time moves on and they are 'filed' as I become engrossed in plans for my next pilgrimage. I am hoping that one of my grandchildren will teach me how to send photographs onto a forum and perhaps when I 'retire' I may have more time to publish them ........

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Posted 18 May 2008 - 12:27 PM


Sorry. Repeating myself. I did not realise the previous reply had got through. I don't know if it was 'senior moments' or just that I can not get the hang of this computer.
Bill J

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Posted 18 May 2008 - 06:53 PM

Don't worry Bill. Sometimes the board plays up and sulks.
Now is the time for drinking, now the time to beat the earth with unfettered foot.