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#8906 14 Days And Counting!

Posted by Kitty 1 on 18 September 2006 - 09:03 PM in Explore Crete

HI everyone...well it's the night before our great adventure!!!! The wine is already flowing and greek olives eaten to get us in the mood!!!!
I have cast off the work suit, dumped the diary and placed my mobile in the safe custody of the dog bed!!!
Yahoo....this time tomorrow i shall be sipping somthing nice, sat by the harbour watching the world go by!!! Thanks to all who gave me tips, ideas and general encouragement!! Watch this space on my return!!!!

Kitty xx

#8717 14 Days And Counting!

Posted by Kitty 1 on 06 September 2006 - 03:40 PM in Explore Crete

Thanks for that, i wil certainly endevour to keep a 'diary' of my time on Crete.....as for 'blog..and thread'...i have absolutly no idea what these mean...!!!!! very much a PC virgin...thats what a fantasic admin support if for at work!!!!!

#8713 14 Days And Counting!

Posted by Kitty 1 on 06 September 2006 - 03:05 PM in Explore Crete

Very new to all this...so pls bear with me!! after many late night debates as to where we should go on our much needed girlie holiday..we finally settled on Crete! Ohhh the delights of the internet....we narrowed it down to a place called Sissi...supposedly a qaint & quiet fishing village, perfect for a de- stressing week!
We are 2 professional 40 'something' women, who are leaving the boys behind, for a week of sun sea sand 'sangria' and who knows what!!!
Has anyone been there, can anyone recommend some lovely places to chill, eat and people watch!!!
My only experience of Greece so far was a family hol to Zante a few years ago....i was not impressed! I have heard that Crete is beautiful, and has to be on your 'to do list' before you meet your maker!!!
Hope someone can help!!