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#15716 I Want To Change Things In Crete - Am I Wrong?

Posted by Katarina on 17 August 2009 - 11:05 AM in Explore Crete

Sorry John but I disagree.
It is a fact, and I know several personally, that many people cannot bear to witness animal suffering and for that reason alone have vowed never to come back to Greece.
It is in the interests of tourism that this situation is addressed, and anything that helps to influence both the government and the individuals concerned (many of my Greek friends are also animal lovers, and are keen to change the attitudes of their fellow countrymen too) is worth trying
I am happy to sign the petition, though I have my doubts that it will change anything.
I do believe that things are changing gradually anyway - when I first started visiting Greece, no one kept animals as pets, which is not unusual now - and I have seen for myself that young children are being actively taught to respect animals and the environment in their schools.

And a little bit of chocolate never did anyone any harm either!

And tikanis, for what it's worth it is never wrong to try and change something you feel is wrong


#15016 Using Greek Characters Instead Of Greeklish

Posted by Katarina on 22 January 2009 - 07:56 PM in Explore Crete

if you are using internet explorer select 'view' from the top menu, then 'encodong', then 'more', and then select either Greek windows or ISO - they both seem to work
I agree with Wim that is is better to have the greek characters - Greeklish is ok for people who already speak the language but if you're not sure of a word you can't look it up and without the τόνος there is no clue to how it is pronounced
Hope that helps