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#8004 Coming 1st Of July Til 8th Of July To Chania

Posted by Cherrybabe71 on 29 June 2006 - 08:09 PM in Meet in Crete

Almost set with my plans for my first week ever in Crete!

<_< One day horseback riding and snorkling in Georgioupolis

:rolleyes: One day walking the Samaria Gorge.. bet I&acute;ll be knackered after that!

:rolleyes: One day in Iraklion, visiting Knossos and the city, and the next morning I&acute;ll visit the new aguarium and then the winedistricts nearby before going back to Chania where I am going to stay.

B) One day spent in Chania town and visit the market, shop and maybe go to some museums

:D And one day free for unknown adventures!!

The other days are more or less just travelling time.. maybe have time to sit and have a great meal somewhere and just endulge the day I am going back.. perhaps do some more last minute shopping.

THANK YOU all of you that gave me advices and tips!

If you have any more useful tips , please share!


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#8002 Coming 1st Of July Til 8th Of July To Chania

Posted by Cherrybabe71 on 28 June 2006 - 07:19 PM in Meet in Crete

yes Vim!

All pictures are me!! A curvy nice lady...

The ones with dark hair are more recent (20th of june) then the others(last summer) since I dyed it dark!!
i never intended someone to walk on their knees because of them but now that it&acute;s been mentioned I might like it!! LOL :rolleyes: <_<

I thought pics are a good way to get to know more about someone and see how they look is always nice , then you get a better idea of who they are... at least in my opinion!

So post your pics here so i can look at you all! :rolleyes:

Lots of Love!


And also thanks for all your nice comments everybody!!

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#7991 Coming 1st Of July Til 8th Of July To Chania

Posted by Cherrybabe71 on 27 June 2006 - 12:21 AM in Meet in Crete

Thank you ever so much for your useful advices and tips for me! It&acute;s very appreciated indeed!

Since it&acute;s my first trip to Crete I am so happy for any information i get and i must say that this site have been very helpful!

The forum as well as the articles have been nice to read!

It&acute;s nice to know there are nice people in the world!!


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#7989 Coming 1st Of July Til 8th Of July To Chania

Posted by Cherrybabe71 on 26 June 2006 - 05:10 PM in Meet in Crete

Thnaks for the advices!
I&acute;ll be flying in to Chania and will be placed somewhere around there, do not now where yet as i will not know until I am at the airport......but I planned on having an active holiday and go around some on crete.
Either rent a car or a vespa.

I was thinking about the gorges so that a very good tip for me! How long /far is that walk?

Do any of you know where it&acute;s cheap to a rent car or a vespa?

read about horsebackriding too in geourgiopolis somewhere , and thought that could be cool to do .. as the beginner I am on a horseback!

Would also want to know about markets that are good and maybe not too packed with tourists, with spices and other nice small things.
Also pottery and jewelry would be interesting.

Saw that there are boatrips to Santorini.. was considering one but do you have any experience about that? or can you rent or do other boattrips that are a bit shorter?

Thank you all so much for your replies!!
Really appreciate them!

Love /Yvette

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#7983 Coming 1st Of July Til 8th Of July To Chania

Posted by Cherrybabe71 on 26 June 2006 - 09:56 AM in Meet in Crete

Just checking in to see if there is anyone that was interested ... But no answer still! <_<

Well... Ill have agreat time anyway, but I am still open to meeting new ppl... man or woman .. doesnt matter ..just make new friends!

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#7978 Coming 1st Of July Til 8th Of July To Chania

Posted by Cherrybabe71 on 24 June 2006 - 12:49 PM in Meet in Crete

Hi All!

Just joined on this site , as I am about to make my first trip ever to Crete.

I´ll be flying in from Sweden to Crete late on the 1st of July and be staying til 8th.

In that time I am planning on setting up some kind of travelplan and to decide what to do while there.
I am interested in culture, shopping and also want to do at least one walk.

Would of course also enjoy the night life at least one night with dancing and perhaps just some tavernas the othere nights.

Anyone that might want to go on walk with me or do Knossos togethere at this time??