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#11920 Cretan Dances

Posted by dancinggal on 06 September 2007 - 02:56 AM in Explore Crete

:o Geia sou

I have been a dancer most of my life.....International
Dancing......and 10 years of GREEK DANCE.
I enjoy the Cretan Dances very much.
In Ottawa, Canada we have a wonderful Greek
Festival every summer.It is usually for 1o or 12
Our own Ottawa dancers(ODYSSEY) perform and
groups are brought in each weekend from Montreal
and Toronto.
There are also BANDS from Ottawa,Toronto and
Montreal.This summer they were.....from Ottawa,
our own band POSEIDON. Another from Montreal
was Melodia.Also performing were Alexandros and
First Generation.
I was in Rethyimno in 2005 and had a fantastic time.
I have been to KPHTH on TWO occasions.
I hope to get back there again some day!
Me to kalo Rhoda in Canada:))

#9146 Chat Online

Posted by dancinggal on 01 October 2006 - 06:11 PM in Explore Crete

Geia sou :rolleyes:
Your web site eivai wpaia. M'aressei the Sattelite maps!
When do people chat here????
Have a great day.
Me to kalo apo
KANADAS dancinggal:)