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#17103 Happy New Year, All

Posted by Dinny on 29 December 2012 - 05:08 PM in Explore Crete

Hi to all of you,

I am happy seeing some life in this forum, does not happen too often. I have often wondered how you were getting along, Pam, but I assumed that no news were good news, you are enjoying your life in Crete, which is all that matters.

But it would be wonderful to meet up again in May, if we can make it to find a date suitable for everybody.

Maybe we could have the Christo lamb up in Asisis (hope I did not get the name wrong again, keep forgetting), which Ros introduced me to, and it is simply fantastic, the place and the food!
If Ros could put you up for the night, it would be just perfect.

A happy new year to you all from me and my (at the moment) 8 dogs.