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#7937 Oh, I Miss It Sooooo Much!

Posted by tamar on 13 June 2006 - 02:15 PM in Explore Crete

[font=Comic Sans Ms][size=3] :D Thank you all for your replys! You've all made me feel a bit better! I will be staying in the resort Tsilivi, Im most looking forward to traveling around the Island and seeing the famous shipwreck! and maybe some turtles! As Zante is much smaller than Crete I shouldn't find this too difficult!
I will post comments of Zante when I get back!! We shall see how it compares!! But hopefully I will be able to get out to Crete in September!! So I wont get too many withdrawal symptoms! :blink:

#7928 Oh, I Miss It Sooooo Much!

Posted by tamar on 11 June 2006 - 06:20 PM in Explore Crete

[size=3][b][color=#FF99FF] :D I tell you whats worrying me the most....The fact that I read the other day that Zante keeps having mini Earthquakes! The last 1 was last October! That was quite a large 1 too (5.7) and tourists were paying extra money for flights to come home! Oh well, I can always try to get out to Crete later on in the year if the bank allows!!

#7926 Oh, I Miss It Sooooo Much!

Posted by tamar on 11 June 2006 - 01:59 PM in Explore Crete

I recently booked my holiday for this year, 9th July. I thought I'd try somewhere else, a different island as I've only ever been to Crete. So I booked to go to Zante. Although I've spoken to a lot of people and they say Zante is wonderful, I decided to have a look on this website just to remind myself how much I love Crete! Now I've done that, im thinking I've made a mistake! I want to go to Crete again!! I really feel like I'll be missing out by not going there!! What if I hate Zante? But then I imagine all the Greek islands have there own kind of charm. Its not like I can jump on a boat and sail from Zante to Crete either! Its too far!! ARrrrrgh! :lol: :rolleyes:

#5091 Happy birthday to the webmaster

Posted by tamar on 20 July 2005 - 09:23 PM in Explore Crete

happy birthday Yannis :lol: :D
I tried to write it in greek but unfortunatly I only have an English keyboard

#4848 Seacrets Bar, Stalis

Posted by tamar on 05 July 2005 - 10:16 PM in Explore Crete

i`ve just read a post"cheated in chania"
the same happened to me but in stalis! My partner and I went into SEACRETS BAR on our last night just before we caught the coach to the airport. We ordered a Jack Daniels and coke and a Southern Comfort and coke. When the girl said 12euros we nearly dropped through the floor!
We didn`t have any euros left then to go into another bar. What annoyed me the most is we could of had 2 cocktails for less. So any1 going here avoid SEACRETS BAR opposite the t-shirt factory!

#4762 Advice on hotel i am staying in.

Posted by tamar on 29 June 2005 - 02:27 PM in Explore Crete

:) sfc Ryan, Try Holidaysuncovered.com they list lots of holiday truths, its a very good site actually!

#4636 moving to Crete?

Posted by tamar on 20 June 2005 - 07:06 PM in Explore Crete

I wonder if any1 could help? Myself and my partner would love to move to Crete :D My partner is self employed duct erector (fits air- conditioning!) After speaking to bar owners while on holiday and finding out how much they were paying for a simple system, My partner reckons he could probably do it a lot cheaper and earn us a good living! The thing is we haven`t got a clue about where to start!! We also have a 6yr old daughter. Where is the best place to live? schools? contacts? legal issues? Can any1 help?!


Posted by tamar on 15 June 2005 - 02:06 PM in Explore Crete

Just got back from Stalis this morning, Had a lovely holiday untill an hour before our coach transfer! Went to the town and went in SEACRETS BAR. It used to be Miami dancing bar, My partner and I had 1 Jack Daniels and 1 Southern Comfort. A glass that was full of ice! The girl charged us 12euros I nearlly dropped through the floor!! It cost more than a cocktail! So every1 be aware of this overpriced dingy bar.