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#14830 Labyrinth

Posted by Wolfgang on 13 October 2008 - 05:37 PM in Explore Crete

> Has anyone visited the labyrinth of crete...? this is quite impressing. <

>Any news about the Labyrinth? <

Don't know whether the following link already had been published here:

This guy visits the labyrinth several times a year, normally together with friends.
His pages show many unique, detailed pictures of the cave, updated regularly.
He tries to correct and update the existing plans of the labyrinth.
In my opinion this is the person who has the best actual knowledge of that spot.

Presently he tries to find a 3rd entrance, which was reported to him by an inhabitant, to get access to the recently (about 3 decades ago) blocked part of the labyrinth.

Unfortunately it is written in German only (he is Swiss), but the pics are international language :)

Pls enjoy,