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#11965 Azogires The Paradise Village

Posted by lucky on 15 September 2007 - 09:59 PM in Explore Crete

Hi guys just wanted to report that if you are in the area in October you can take part in the Festival of the 99 holy Fathers. its on the 06 of the Month in the night and then Church service on the morning of the 07 and 08. hope to see you there

#11936 Paleochora The Bride Of The Libian Sea

Posted by lucky on 11 September 2007 - 05:19 PM in Explore Crete

Thank you i apreciate any corections in the spelling

#11935 War Museum - Gen Kreipe

Posted by lucky on 11 September 2007 - 05:15 PM in Explore Crete

This is a message for mr. Tim dear sir i am sorry for taking so long to respond to your question But a little the greek vacations in August which brings a lot of work in the cafe a little the Stress from the fires all over Greece it took me a while to respond i spoke with my uncle Yiannis .Manolis Paterakis son and he says it was in Rodakino and he told me that if you like when you come He can show you the exact point my email is [email protected] you can Contact me and i will Introduce you to my Uncle and you can talk and record anything you like Thank you very much for your patience With all my respect.Lucky

#11934 War Museum - Gen Kreipe

Posted by lucky on 11 September 2007 - 04:51 PM in Explore Crete

Yiasou mr.Yiannis .Thank you very much for correcting me . because i am new in the computer world .i got the computer last year and it took eleven months. for the conection from ote net . and here in the Village there is no one to show me how to work .A computer besides some tourists who help me sometimes. So basicly i am starting now and i can use all the help i can get. Have a nice day sir.

#11730 Paleochora The Bride Of The Libian Sea

Posted by lucky on 13 August 2007 - 05:45 PM in Explore Crete

Paleochora is a beautifull place to visit and spend your vacations or even retire there. It is believed that Paleochora is build on the ruins of ancient kalamidi. It has many hotels and restaurants for you to choose from starting at the lowest prices until some reasonable ones.
One thing is for sure, what you are looking for you will find it here. If you are a swimmer Paleochora has a variety of beaches for you to choose from. You see, Paleochora is like a peninsula so if there is wind on one side you can swim on the other this way you dont ruin your holidays.
On one side is the famous sandy beach awarded with the blue flag near their is grameno beach a very quiet place to swim then you continue towards kountoura where you can find the beach krios somewhere that you can be alone if you walk a little bit more from krios towards elafonisi you will find your self at the roman harbour a little beach located amongst ancient roman ruins if we go to the other side of Paleochora there is the area of gavgiotika with some small beaches then is the halikia beach or as the tourists call it pebble beach right besides that is keratides a small beach located at Paleochora camping and then is anidri beach also a nice place if you are a nudist .
Inside Paleochora is the famous fort forteza also known as castelo selino build by the Venetian douke marinos granedinos in the year 1278 which was once raded by the famous pirate barbarosa it was also the point where in ww2 the germans had an anti air craft cannon.if you like visiting churches Paleochora has many the main church is evagelistria then in kampos area is st. Anthony up by panorama is a church builded by my uncle paulos koukoutsakis called analipseos by milos is st. Jonh then you have agi apostoli and st. Kosmas near the camping is agia triada and agia paraskevi if you are a festival buff you can visit these churches when they celebrate and you can eat together with the locals the offerings brought by the people in onour to the saint of that particular church you can also visit tripa by milos a cave carved in the second world war by the germans as an amunition shelter.
Near Paleochora is anidri with two beautifull churches st.george with mosiacs and the profit ilias on a top of a mountain peak .on the other side you can visit my village azogires a trully beautifull place with 7 churches to see starting from the monastery of the holy fathers and the museum going to the miraculous st.jonh the hermit who is located over the alfa rooms and then to st. George and st.katerina in the midle of the village going up towards the cave of the holy fathers you meet st. Jonh the russian alittle east from their is st.jonh the baptist and st. Theodore with mosaics besides that you can walk down the azogires gorge who comes out in Paleochora or you can visit the old venetian style bridge the holy fathers spring the alfa water falls the forever green plane tree which stays green summer winter and forms crosses with his branches .
If you like walking you could walk from spaniakos to azogires and on the way you can see old venetian tower known as pirgos or from azogires to anidri and then down the anidri gorge to Paleochora or walk from azogires to ahladiakes to visit the church of st.zosimas with mosaics . You can stop by alfa cafe and ask for a free village map .for more info about azogires and Paleochora look in the internet [email protected] and many other local sites.
You could also walk from Paleochora to the ancient site of lissos and then to sougia. Or from Paleochora to elafonisi. Paleochora is a wonderfull place you can also take boat trips to see dolphins to go to elafonisi to the island of gavdos to sougia agia roumeli and hora sfakion you can take bus for the samaria gorge or the agia irini gorge you can do bycicle trips or diving look for mountain herbs or rent a car and drive around perhaps just spend some time in the local tavernas.
What ever you deside i am sure you will enjoy your self here i have just given you a taste for any other information that you would like i would be delighted to help. My adress is alfa cafe azogires Paleochora chania Crete greece 73001 or my email which is [email protected] enjoy your stay in Paleochora for any tips just click back to Explore Crete. It's one of the best sites.
Good day and hope to see you in Crete, especially Paleochora

#11729 Henry- Or Anyone Else- Accommodation In Paleochora Question

Posted by lucky on 13 August 2007 - 04:00 PM in Explore Crete

yes harris is a nice place he and his wife also run a little cafe called waters edge

#11715 War Museum - Gen Kreipe

Posted by lucky on 10 August 2007 - 10:51 PM in Explore Crete

dear mr. hooray thank you for responding i will buy you a drink when you come and a sofias special omellete which was the invention of my grandmother in the hippie days in order to feed 20 or 30 hippies she made this omellete for them for free cause they had no money that is why alfa cafe is famous today because of my grandparents i am proud to be here so when you come here you willl one omellete also free just like the hippies as for the ten kilometers please tel the people 7 to 8 so they will come up otherwise they will say its to long about the walk anidri azogires it takes about an hour its a beautifull way but its also nice from azogires to anidri because than they can walk down the anidri gorge to the beach also about another hour if you like you can email me an adress and i will send you a map of azogires with most of the places to visit here and believe me there are alot about the museum the rooms still belong to the church its the relics inside that belong to the people of azogires but if you need any information about the items inside the museum i would gladly help you or about the abduction of general creiper for my uncle manolis paterakis was one of the abductors of the general and my hall family was involved in the war both koukoutsaki and pateraki clens my grandmother rescued 30 women and children from being executed by atacking the german placing her own life at risk so to make a long story short if you need any local information i am at your disposal thank you for taking the time to read this

#11698 Azogires The Paradise Village

Posted by lucky on 08 August 2007 - 05:26 PM in Explore Crete

may i intoduce to you azogires a magical village in the mountains over paleochora hania crete 73001 this place is the vilage that the 99 holy fathers selected to die in this is the place where old turkish fighters came from and for some reason always spiritual and important people choose to visit it it has the holy fathers caves the place where the 99 holy fathers died in . the carved caves aprox . 3 to 4000 years old carved in the mountain side . the old venetian style bridge . the holy fathers spring . the foreever green plane tree which forms crosses with his branches .the old school. the old and famous turkish setlement. the koukoutsakis sheperds caves. the church and the cave of the miracules st.jonh the hermit. the church of st.theodore with mosaics. the church of st.george. the church of st. jonh the russian. the church of st.jonh the baptist. the museum and monastery of the holy fathers with a smaller cave of the holy fathers . the grave of the head priest archimandritis and much much more the village has two cafes one of which i happen to own thats the alfa cafe we serve the sofias world famous omellete with 3 eggs tomatoes potatoes onion garlic and feta cheese there is also the alfa hotel with 8 rooms group room and kitchen and panoramic view 00302823041388. and lots of interesting tourists to meet here old hippies modern ones and lots of other civilized and not people also when you come to the village i will give you a free map so you know where to go and a free torch to visit the cave there is a bus coming nearly every day and the local taxi co. also can bring you to azogires this is truly a magical place very spiritual and relaxing i you are looking for your self you will find him here for any information you can contact me at 00302823041620

i forgot to mention that in azogires we host the holy fathers festival on 6 october ana st.jonh the hermit on 7 october we host backgammon championships bicycle contests and alot more we also selebrate a wonderfull easter at the anastasi at the night of the rising of christ the night sky lights up with fire works and the hall village comes together to celebrate these events you are also welcomed

#11696 War Museum - Gen Kreipe

Posted by lucky on 08 August 2007 - 03:43 PM in Explore Crete

dear mr. hooray please corect everything that you wrote about azogires first of all its 7 kilometers from paleochora 2nd the museum was not and never will be sold to any reach lady who does not exist anyway the museum was made by the union of athenian azogiriens and the monastery aloud them to use the monks rooms the items inside the monastery do not belong to any reach old lady who does not exist anyway they are donated by the people of this village and they are the property of the people how do i know this i am a resident here and i am the owner of the alfa cafe in azogires and assure you that nore i or the only other cafe in this village have anything to do with the museum. monasterys cannot be sold in greece learn some rules i dont know who you spoke with i only hope that you speak greek cause besides me there is no other greek in this village who speaks einglish i would be glad to fill you in in any info about my village for iknow every bit of it so please corect you writing ps its temenia not timenia as you write in another article and in azogires there are many things to see such ass caves water falls forest and many many churches there is also a small hotel for any doubts contact me at [email protected] good day to you sir