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Posted by deb on 03 July 2007 - 09:08 PM in Introduce Yourself

Hi Lynn,
Not sure where I want to live yet - I'll need to be near people for sanity's sake, but haven't been to the touristy areas...been to Heraklion briefly, Chania and nearby coast, maleme, white mountains/samaria gorge, loutro etcetera. Unlikely that I'd be living anywhere in the vicinity of any of the remote places, though! I'm flying to Heraklion late September for a week to have a look around - and to face the fear and HIRE A CAR!! (have never driven in greece).
Any ideas about places to stay/friendly places to live that aren't hugely overtouristed would be very welcome.
As for doing a tefl course - my grammar's a little rusty too - hope I survive the course!! Hope to hear from anyone else re: the validity of a tefl cert. (plus pgce -would this help??)
...a friend's daughter did a weekend tefl two weeks ago, moved to be with her boyfriend in Turkey, and has already landed a job teaching english in a kindergarten in Istanbul ! What luck.


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Posted by deb on 03 July 2007 - 09:41 AM in Introduce Yourself

Thanks for your swift response, Nita!
No, I don't know anyone in Crete and I'm aware that it may be really hard for me for a while, especially if I don't have a job (apparently teaching might be available if I'm lucky - but out of season???). At present I'm checking out whether I can work marking tests online for colleges - but I think I'd have to be a UK resident so that may be out...
But, work or no work, I'd love to give it a go!
I have greek classes beginning in September but I'm teaching myself a bit anyway (I've known the very basics for many years but that's not so useful when trying to get a plumber or buy a car!).
Spending lots of time reading anything I can about living in crete. Nothing's put me off yet!
Anyway:back to my current reality - and off to another day in the office...

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Posted by deb on 02 July 2007 - 10:19 PM in Introduce Yourself

I'm Deb and I'm planning on downsizing - selling my house/renting out my (soon to be found) flat in uk and moving to crete next year. No job but will have a TEFL cert and some funds to live on or perhaps buy miniscule place to live in...
...thing is, I'll be moving by myself! Is this unheard of??? Should I go for it?
I'd be grateful for advice (or warnings?!) from anyone who's moved to Crete as a single woman.