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#11006 Hello All...

Posted by MadeInLeeds on 11 May 2007 - 08:19 PM in Explore Crete

Thank you for your time and your great help.

At the moment, the flights out seem reasonable, but the flights back to the uk are way too much, the cheapest I can find for the three of us is near 400 quid and thats before I start with hotels etc. so its had to go on the back burner for now.

Thank you again for the time spent, it really is appreciated.


#10989 Hello All...

Posted by MadeInLeeds on 08 May 2007 - 10:25 PM in Explore Crete

I hope you are all well?

I found this form by chance as I was trying to book a holiday. So before I do, I thought I best ask the experts!

This will be our only holiday this year, budgets being as they are means that we can only really travel outside the main school holiday, so we are trying for a week in October, which is still a holiday, but hopefully, most folk will have been away in the summer.

We have been told that Crete is nice this time of year. My wife suffers from Prickly heat, so we wanted somewhere warm, but not overly hot. We are not beach type people, we love looking at historical ruins and museums and our son, well, he is just so full of life that it would drive him nuts if all there was to do was build sand castles!

As we are on a budget, i wonder if someone could tell me:

1. The cheapest company to fly with? We are in...Leeds - but happy to fly from a main London airport, or manchester.

2. We would normally try stay in a travellodge type family room accomadation? Is there anything out there that anyone could recommend?

3. What area of crete should we aim for, somewhere family oriantated would be fine, but avoiding rowdy areas if possible, Ollie is 5, picking up bad habits already you know!

4. Where are the best sites to visit for stunning seas veiws and historical interest?

I know I am asking a lot for a newbie, but any advice is more than welcomed!