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#10905 Sentimental

Posted by sentimental on 29 April 2007 - 06:11 AM in Introduce Yourself

Thanks so much Wim and Tim. The DVD sounds like a terrific idea Wim - thanks - I'll get onto that straight away. This trip is one of those things that I wish I had been able to do for Dad years ago when he was younger and fitter but I guess better late than never. Just hope his health holds out well now that we're organising the trip! He's not on any medications etc at all - just getting vulnerable and doddery. I'm sure the physical trials of his POW time are the main reason - body just can't keep up any more! He still has shrapnel around his shoulders from when he was wounded on Crete! Tim - I've been to Prevelly Park in WA. I grew up in WA and my parents still live over there. We will be driving over to collect them to start the trip. Geoff Edwards organised the construction of a chapel at Prevelly Park to commemorate the incredible kindness of the monks of Preveli Monastery & the Cretan people. I have a couple of pics of it but it's on www so will just put that link here for you. This is info from ANZAC Day eve this year on the website of our national broadcaster - the ABC. http://www.abc.net.a...es/s1905815.htm
Geoff was the driving force behind the construction of the monument to the Allied soldiers and the Preveli monks at the entrance to Preveli Monastery. Sadly he died before it was completed.
Dad belongs to the RSL but I might contact them and see if they know the specifics of anything being organised from the Australian end. Thanks for that idea. I'm hoping that somewhere along the way I might be able to be in contact with people at the Crete end of the celebrations and therefore make sure Dad doesn't miss out on being where he needs to be! thanks again for your responses.

#10894 Sentimental

Posted by sentimental on 28 April 2007 - 01:06 PM in Introduce Yourself

Hello everyone I have just joined this forum and I am looking forward to learning from your expertise.
I live in a rural area of Victoria, Australia. I have always had a longing to know more about Crete because my Dad was one of the Aussies who tried to defend the Rethymnon airfield from the Germans during WWII. Our farm was named Retimo as a result of that experience. Like most of those at Rethymnon he was taken as a POW. Anyway - I am finally in a position to come to Crete to see it for myself! With any luck - and if all goes to plan - I am bringing my Dad to Crete in May next year. I was recommended to join this forum as a way of learning about Crete but also as a way to connect with the May 21 activities information so that I understand it before our visit. I hope that sits well with those of you who read and answer myriads of questions! :wacko: Will post a photo sometime soon.