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#10987 Transfer Alternatives

Posted by Aurora Borealis on 08 May 2007 - 09:38 PM in Meet in Crete

Arriving for my first holiday in Crete this year on sunday 1May 13.(second holiday in august). Arriving in Chania late evening and heading for Rethymno. Last bus Heraklion - Rethymno wil have left by then.. So I guess it will be taxi for me... There should be a possibility to get in contact with others in the same situation for sharing a taxi. Does anyone know if and where it is a possibility to get in contact ?

So much looking forward to escape the arctic spring....


#10514 Quality Tourism In Greece?

Posted by Aurora Borealis on 03 March 2007 - 10:52 PM in Crete Gazette

I really do agree with you. I do not want the artificially kept tourist scene, as one can experience in other places. I want to feel the real life, as far as it is possible being a tourist. My experience with Greece is Rethymnon (3 times), but compared to "plastic" tourist places in Mallorca, it is heaven. I really like watching the small glimpses of everyday life and real cretan people. Have fallen in love with the Cretan style. No "quality" for me, thank you. The quality for me is the genuinity, and no watered lawns in the dry season of late summer...