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#9148 Touring Knossos Yesterday....

Posted by Bob&Rose on 01 October 2006 - 06:21 PM in Explore Crete

Wim Thanks for the link.
Yes I have read Wunderlich.
I've also read the Ann Brown (of the Ashmolean) account of Evans' work, she doesn't refer to Wunderlich but obviously doesn't accept at face value everything Evans said ; and the BM published book, "Minoans", by Lesley Fitton. It is also interesting but doesn't mention Wunderlich either. Both of these suggest that the Evans account of Knossos/Minoan palaces needed modifying and hint that they were more palaces of dead than the living.
The Evans biography, "Minotaur" by Macgillivray does mention Wunderlich and is puzzled why there was no reasoned rebuttal, it was published in 2000. I'm now waiting on the Crete Oxford Archaelogical Guide by Macdonald & Paton which is in preparation.
My quest for a reasoned critique continues.

Ps do you know what Coppens' credentials are?

#9124 Touring Knossos Yesterday....

Posted by Bob&Rose on 30 September 2006 - 11:36 AM in Explore Crete


This doesn't get us very far. In the British Museum there is a "bath tub", the quotation marks are the BM's, which does have a hole low down on the narrow side. But does this mean it was a bath tub as Evans claimed? It is very small. At the Forgotten Empire exhibition at the BM last year there was a similar article which was found with a curled up body inside. A burial obviously. Also in the BM on the other side of the gallery there is a rectangular sarcophogus with drain holes in the base; why couldn't this be a bath tub as well?
My quest for a respectable critique of Wunderlich continues.


#9097 Touring Knossos Yesterday....

Posted by Bob&Rose on 28 September 2006 - 06:32 PM in Explore Crete

I've come across Wunderlich and was intrigued by his theories, I was surprised still more by the lack of rebuttals of a serious nature. I have asked amongst my more academic friends and finally was put in touch with the wife of a professor from London's Institute of Archaeology. Her answer was basically: "don't worry your head about Wunderlich, it's all rubbish". This has made me even more determined to dig deeper, as it were, so next week we are off to Crete for fifteen days and will tour the major Minoan sites before winding up at Heraklion & Knossos. If any one has seen anything that is vaguely academic about Wunderlich's theories I would like to know of them. Regards :o