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#15176 Hello From The Soutwest (usa, That Is...)

Posted by hondaboy294 on 16 March 2009 - 12:51 AM in Introduce Yourself

Hello Judy,

It looks like the reason you haven't had a reply since January is because 'xronia polla' may not be correct in spelling. This sounds close but until I can find out more, this is the greeting for namedays... khroneea pola, means best wishes. The underline indicates an accent. :D

Good Morning = Kaleemera

Good afternoon = Kaleespera

Good night = Kaleeneekhta

Hello = Kherete

Goodbye = Kherete/ Ya sas/ Andeeo

Excuse me = Parakalo (for getting attention)

Sorry = Seeghnomee

Thank you = Efkhareesto (often shortened to 'sto')

Please = Parakalo

Okay = Endaksee

My name is = Leghome - Judy

How are you = pos eese

Try this... Kaleemera Constantine, pos eese?

More later ;)



#15173 Kherete

Posted by hondaboy294 on 15 March 2009 - 11:20 AM in Introduce Yourself

Hi everyone,

My partner lynne and I are visiting Crete again for the 3rd time. We like to see what the world has to offer but Crete and Greece in general never disappoints us. :D

In 2007 we toured the white mountains on a Africa Twin from Georges Motos, :) whilst based in Hersonissos and we didn't get that far west, so this time we are staying in Platanes whilst on leave from our jobs in education and the city council. ;)

So if anyone has any tips for tracking down moto-bike hire in this region or any other information for this stunning island we will catch up with in the forum pages.

Regards to you all.

Chris & Lynne