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Help Topic: Albums - Create a Photo Album

What is a personal Photo Album?
Every member of the ExploreCrete Forums may create his/her Photo Album with photos of Crete

Is this service free?
Absolutely! There is no charge for this service

How much space will I get?
You will get 25MB of free space for your Photo Album

How many photos is this space enough for?
Approximately 300 - 450 photos.

Is it possible to have more space for my Photo Album?
Contact the webmaster and discuss it with him.

Can I have more than one Photo Albums?
Yes, you can have up to 5 personal photo albums

How do I create my Photo Album?
First of all you must register to become a Member of the ExploreCrete Forums. After your succesful registration, Login and Click on My Controls and then, on the left side menu, go to Invision Gallery and click on Your Albums. Follow the easy instructions and your album will be created.

What image files are allowed?
jpg, jpeg, gif

What is the maximum image size allowed?
500KB per image. There is no limit to the image size dimensions, but after your photo has been uploaded then it will be automatically resized to 700 pixels wide or 600 pixels high. A thumbnail will also be generated.

How can I resize my photos before adding them to my Album?
There are excellent free programs available, which you can use to view your photos, resize and do small corrections to them. IrfanView (www.irfanview.com) and Google Picasa (http://picasa.google.com) are 2 of these programs.

What will the visitors be able to do with my photos??
Every visitor that will visit your Photo Album can view the photos, add a comment to them, rate them (1-5) or send them as ecards to other persons.