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1. Only photos from Crete are allowed in the Explore Crete photo albums
2. Four photo albums have been created initially for the four prefectures (administrative areas) in Crete. If later there will be many photos from certain places in Crete, then more categories will be created, for example Plakias photos, Matala photos, etc.
3. Adding a photo (uploading) will be much faster if your photo is not a huge file. It is better to resize your photos to 700 pixels wide before uploading them to our albums.
4. If possible, please supply a title and a description for each photo. Make it easy for other people to know what the photo is about.
5. Only registered members are allowed to add photos for security reasons. Becoming a member is free and easy.
6. Any photo uploaded by a member remains the property of that member and should not be copied without permission.
7. Do not upload photos which do not belong to you.

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