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All The (cretan) Animals In My Life

Posted by Dinny, 24 July 2006 · 4,156 views

Finally I have 'done my duty': Been back in Denmark to visit my daughter, grandson, and the rest of the family. I was a bit worried about leaving, but then a local German friend of mine, Angelika, offered to take care of the menage while I was away, and since she is a true cat-lover I felt very much reassured and convinced that all my kitties would be in the best of hands during my vacation.

When I returned home from these very nice holidays in Copenhagen, I was greeted with the warmest welcome home from Billie and the four kittens. They were all in good shape but seemed to have been missing me, especially Billie since she just doesn't make friends with anyone but me at all, not even if it's the person that takes care of serving her breakfast and dinner!

You might remember that I had a dog, Lucky, which one day decided to move in with me. Unfortunately, after a few weeks she decided to move on, I am sure it was not due to bad quality of the food and surroundings, she just had a craving for adventure in her, and I never managed to keep her on the terrace even five minutes alone, she immediately made her Houdini-stunt through the banister and jumped down to the parking lot beneath my house and ran off. A few times she presented herself again in front of the gate, but one day she didn't come back.

But now the long awaited addition to the family is here: Bella smile.gif The most beautiful puppy I have ever seen!

She is totally messing up my day, waking up at 6:30 and demanding attention - and breakfast! Then she manages to stay awake an hour or so, during which time she will do whatever she is NOT supposed to do, like chewing on electric wires, chewing shoes, dragging any piece of cloth she can get her teeth on (preferably table cloths with whatever result may come of it), making friends with the kittens and getting her nose scratched during the process, and so on and so on. Useless to say that I'm getting absolutely NO work done during her 'activity training'. After an hour or so she drops to the floor totally exhausted, and I get a chance to work for an hour until she wakes up and is ready to continue where she left off whatever she was doing. This is of course the second I must catch her and bring her outside, so that she will immediately learn where certain things are to take place! dry.gif

Hopefully she will soon get the hang of how the four little sticks under her body are working, so that we can start treating ourselves with some long walks to the beach. As for now, she tumbles after three steps every time she tryes to make a run.

Here is a selection of my former and present housemates biggrin.gif
(Bella - Bella Bellissima - Billie - Billie and Minimis - Lucky)

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Dinny, that puppy is so cute you may have a fight on your hands when we come back out ha,ha,ha,ha,ha, Linda loves animals. wink.gif wink.gif (probably why she picked me eh)

Glad you had a great time in Denmark, looks like it was the calm before the storm seeing as you are so busy now god knows where you get your energy cool.gif cool.gif cool.gif
Oh, Dinny they are all so gorgeous and when Bella gets a little bit bigger and steadier on her feet will certainly keep you fit - I've a feeling she's going to need a lot of exercise.
I hope we get a regular update on progress - I love dogs a well as cats, but it's impractical to keep a dog where we live in London. Still, I'm sure when we get to Crete a little stray or puppy will worm his or her way into our hearts.
oooh, Dinny! You lucky thing, they're gorgeous.
Having a dog of my own is a life-long dream, which finally is coming true. For thirty years or more I knew it would not have been fair to have a dog while living in an apartment and working a full day in an office somewhere. So I have had cats, they can cope with that sort of life, and I actually love the independent nature of cats, the way they just turn their back on you when they've finished eating and you want some gratitude! biggrin.gif Husbands seem to have that attitude also, but they live longer, so I have preferred to stick just to cats... tongue.gif
Dinny the photos are great - it certainly seems you have your work cut out with the training aspects but at least you will have a great excuse to pull away from the PC a few times a day.

Going for a walk alone is good to do but I am sure it will be much more fun with a dog. We often wonder if anyone would notice if we borrowed one of the friendly ones that are kept tied up all day near to our house - just for a couple of hours.

Have fun, Yvonne
Hi Din,

Just great, your animal farm.
I agree with you concerning the cats; their independence and their measured tokens of affinity.
It is a bit like with women. Once they show some, they mean it...
I had two cats that stayed though while my wife left, and now I stick to myself.... biggrin.gif

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