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Getting A Tax Number

Posted by Dinny, 05 October 2005 · 1,833 views

The description in Caroline's book "The Cool Guide to Living in Crete" of a worst(?)-case-scenario while trying to obtain a tax number had made me go through nightmares. While some people speaks a little English in Crete, it is also true that a LOT of people just throws the head back to make you understand that they don't, maybe especially in the South, and it would be likely for me to run into just one of those who denied knowing one single word of English at the tax office....

But there was no need for nightmares. All you need is a "logistic", an auditor, like those people that will do your accounting or tax declaration for you when it comes that far. You can find this person by deduction. All merchants need an accountant to do their paperwork (at least I guess they do), so all you have to do is to walk into any well-organized shop - (I say "well-organized" to count out the small village-shops with those very dusty shelves that sell anything, which remind you of your childhood in the wilderness - I'm not sure they would bother with an accountant) - and ask for direction to a "logistic". They'll immediately address you to their own logistic nearby. I tried it twice, and it worked out just fine.

The logistic might or might not speak a few words of English, but he will understand you if you mention "A.F.M.". Then he gets your passport and the next day you can come back and pick up your tax number.

I can't tell you the cost of this, since I haven't been allowed to pay anything to either of the two logistics I have spoken with. The first one was able to communicate in English quite well and he explained the (Greek) details in my rent contract to me, explained how I could just start to work as soon as I got the tax number, and told me that he did not have the time to see to it then. The second knew about 12 words in English which he joggled forth and back as necessary and had my tax number ready for me the next day. When I wanted to pay for the service he just made some gestures with his hands which might have ment "we'll see to that later" or "don't mention it" or whatever, but he didn't want any money. I'll probably bring him a bottle of Danish "Snaps" as soon as I have the occasion to, to settle the account. In that way we don't have to bother with OPA (VAT) or whatever it's called... rolleyes.gif

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