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I Actually Forgot To Tell You...

Posted by Dinny, 25 June 2006 · 4,235 views

That my housecat - Coyote Bill - turned out to be a female, a very pregnant one! April 17th we had 4 kittens, which are now devastating the house, because I cannot decide when is the right time to make them meet the world outside. I think it will be when I'm back from my holidays, so that I can keep an eye on them...

And my daughters dog - Zoi - proved her name was appropriate because she has given birth to TWELVE puppies. Of which I shall have one in due time. Since Lucky decided to disappear again from my life as suddenly as she came into it, I think it's time that I have a dog of my own, from the very start.

And so, my dream of living in a house full of animals is just about to come true..... smile.gif

Dinny, glad to read the update on the kittens - they were so adorable when we saw them in May. At 10 weeks old they should be well able to go outside, though in England the advice is not to let them out until they've had their vaccinations. However, best to wait till you get back from your holiday.

Glad to hear about the dog, I had wondered what happened to Lucky, hopefully she found another home. You did say you did not get enough exercise, think you'll find that'll change when you get an energetic young puppy!
ditto to Pam's comments re kittens, as good exercise you could always walk to Linda and Costa's place with the dog stopping off en-route at Ton's (for recuperation) as he will be there in July for 4 weeks. wink.gif wink.gif wink.gif
That must have been quite a surprise Din biggrin.gif

A male cat giving birth, wow. I hope your do better distinguishing homo sapiens laugh.gif You could rebaptise her in Calamity Jane though.
Any how congratualions with the kittens and pups. In case you want a male or female one be shure to do some research. rolleyes.gif .
(link removed)
Take a good look cool.gif

Thanks, Wim, but I think living creatures should find their own names, that can not be decided. Then, of course, there is this problem about not knowing if they are males or females.... Actually, one of Billie's kittens took the name of Sylvester (Stalone - there was actually something of a "cliff-hanger" about him) but when I had to take him to the vet I was told that Sylvester was a female... so she turned into "Sylvie" dry.gif

I wonder what will become of the rest of the names: Nikolai - he truly seems to be a male. Minimis - must be a female, she turned out to be the smallest of the gang, hence mini + mis (= kitty, in Danish), and then there is Franz, but that is actually a big question. If he gets pregnant I will decide to name her Franzine biggrin.gif

As for the dog, how would I know how to name her. The dog must definitely be a female, she will eventually become quite a big dog being born from something-like a Golden Retriever and something-like a German Schaefer, she will be all black. I welcome suggestions! smile.gif


Hi all - I just clicked on the dog name link provided by Wim and a dialogue box opened that "appeared" to come from Microsoft suggesting that I allow a fix to be downloaded - I said no as it didn't feel right but immediately my virus checker sprang into life. It could be coincidence but I would hate not to share this info and someone else suffer.

So, I suggest we go back to wracking our brains to come up with ideas for naming Dinny's new puppy.
Hi Yvonne

Thanks for sharing this, I think we have had more than enough attacks on ExploreCrete lately. Maybe Yannis could check whether this is actually leading to an infected site and remove the link? Well, no, I can do that myself without clicking it (sorry Wim). I did not click on it myself before because, as I told Wim, I think dogs should invent their own names - or maybe with a little help from my friends? smile.gif

Update on puppies:

One of the puppies unfurtunately died shortly after being born, leaving the mother now with a football team of 11. Poor Zoi, I wondered how she was going to cope with this. Piece of cake: She divided the team into two smallers teams of 5 and 6 puppies and placed the second team in a camp away from the basecamp. Then she shares her time between the two teams, so that everybody will get their meals served with abundance. smile.gif

Hi girls,

I don't get it. I just copied a link in the way this program (the forum) gives you a possibility to copy/paste a link in a message. (try it and find out how it works).

Before I did I checked the site (otherwise it's no use to send it because one has to find out where it's all about) Since I have all security programs on my computer you can think of (norton internet security, firewalls, norton system works, spy ware doctor, ad aware etc., which I update on a regular base I merely think that Yannis has build in a safety precaution in this forum that gives a warning about links covered in the way he has programmed it.

Some Internet Programs and virus scanners however, might as well abusively detect such links as malware.
I wonder what virus programs you both have installed on your pc. Maybe Yannis can give us a clue and tell us if linking sites as he programmed it are the cause of this problem. As I told you I checked out the sites on my pc and did not receive any warning by Norton.

I'm curious and will certainly refrain from entering any links in the future. Especially when they are not read for any reason at all.

Stay prudent cool.gif
Dear Wim, please don't be so touchy cool.gif There was nothing personal in removing the link, maybe it had something to do with the fact that the whole forum part of explorecrete was actually being hacked in that very same moment? As you see, Yvonne did try to check out your link, and I feel that I had explained my reasons for NOT doing it.

Normally, you provide a great deal of interesting links in the forum, so please pretty please go on doing so, OK? biggrin.gif

O.K. Din, sorry.
Must have been that last glass of brandy I had after supper rolleyes.gif I seem to be a bit touchy lately sad.gif

Stay cool cool.gif

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