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Take Care Of Where You Drop Your Cigarettes!

Posted by Dinny, 04 October 2005 · 1,524 views

Yesterday I went up to Sivas - to take pictures of the canons - and further up to Listaros to see the damages. I had heard that they have had a fire breaking loose among the olive trees a while ago, and since Listaros is such a beautiful place with a breathtaking view I wanted to see for myself.

The ground among the trees was black and the leaves on all the remaining trees and bushes had turned into something very similar to parchment; yellowish-white dried-out paper. Here and there some courageous plant and grasses had started growing again, small spots of green in the middle of devastation. It was so sad to watch! It had been determined that the fire with almost certainty had been started by a lit cigarette throw among the dry grass, probably from some emptyminded bypasser while enjoying a car ride up in those beautiful hights. The view over the sea was still there... but the surroundings will need months and years to catch up again.

Please do be careful when driving not to throw burning cigarettes out of the car window! It would seem that this goes without saying, but apparently somebody did not think about the damage this would create...

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