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Next Entry Will Be About "dentist In Crete"

Posted by Dinny, 13 February 2006 · 3,138 views

These days everything is "ligo-ligo" and "siga-siga"...

I'll be vsiting the dentist soon... and I'll keep you posted about this event, 'cause it might be worth learning from. Dentists in Crete are supposed to be less expensive than in the rest of Europe... so let's see what happens.... Meanwhile I'll just keep quiet in my pain ;-)

Well? How is the tooth ache? Have you been to the dentist yet or are you popping the aspirin?
I've got a cheek!!!! This, from someone who at 5'10'' and 17 stone is scarred stiff of the dentist..... laugh.gif
Dave, you should know then how it works: the ache is gone, and even though you are sure it will be back, the visit to the dentist is postponed indefinitely! rolleyes.gif I used to be very scared of dentists, too.... but now I'm actually more scared of their bills! Anyway, as soon as I've settled the car question - meaning, when I know how much money the Greek authorities are going to steal from me due to their making it impossible to obtain a tax reduction - then I really will go to the dentist and find out how much cheaper it is here than elsewhere. I've heard only good things about my daughter's dentist in Mires, so at least I know where to go, and a recommendation like "he fixed caps on all the teeth of my sister-in-law for 1500 euro" is a perfect start for a long relationsship. biggrin.gif (this is mee AFTER the planned visit, ehehhe)

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