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Healthy Cats Means A Healthy Village!

Posted by Dinny, 19 January 2006 · 1,701 views

I would like to linger a bit more on the cat situation here in Pitsidia. Thoughts drift back to wherever I have been on vacation during a lifetime and to the cats of all places. Starving cats give the impression of a starving population, whenever you don't have enough to share with the creatures that keep your house from being infested with rats, you really have little. Or ... maybe you are just very egoistic, the Mr. Scrooge of everywhere. Look where that got him!

This morning, while enjoying the beautiful sunny morning outside, I had a closer look at my many cats, well, not really mine but surely Mr. Scrooge's, since when they first arrive on my terrace they are hardly able to drag themselves here, skinny and in pour health, and so happy to find some food and shelter to be able to recover. Now, look at them! Most of them are gaining a healthy appearance, and all of them have reached a stage of confidence that will allow me to run my hand over their furry back. Whoever will see these cats running around Pitsidia will be certain that this is a nice village and will be avoided the impression of poverty and egoism.

Tourists feed cats - at restaurants and wherever they live temporarily - but mostly because they cannot bear to be testimonies of such starvation, it is just not acceptable in a civilized world. It is probably an irresponsible behaviour unless you want to carry on the caretaking, but it is a sign that should be showing us here in Crete, that starving cats ruin people's holiday! They force you to do something about it since it's unbearable to watch kittens die on your doorstep, even when you know that you cannot carry on whatever you do, but still you hope somebody else will take over. And for souvenier you get a bad conscience when you leave. Most tourists would be positively impressed by meeting healthy and friendly cats in a village (somebody will be able to say a few words about dogs, which skinny and chained represent the village people) and the overall impression would be that of a village of health and kindness.

I think Mr. Scrooge should start taking care of his cats, feeding the ones he wants around for his mousecatching and having the vet put the rest to sleep. Sure, it'll cost him money, but he might notice that in the end he earns more than he spends. Unless he's stupid, of course.

P.S. for Yannis: I've given up on finding a standard font for this posting. I did write it in Word, but when pasting it into the blog it became all this mess, and there was no way to make it appear nice and even... maybe in Arial 2 like the other posts. Can you do something, please? :-)

Copying and pasting from Word is what causes the problem. Word inserts some hidden code which messes up the formatting of your text. Use Notepad instead or write directly into the Blog.
Thanks, Yannis! :-)

I agree that healthy cats can be a good advert for a village.

On the North East coast towards Sitia is a really lovely village called Mochlos - there are several good restaurants and it is a place to go if a good meal is the main reason for your excursion.

There are signs to say "Please don't feed that cats" as they are regularly fed at a feeding station in the viallge. These cats are tall with unusual grey fur that is sleek and shiny - they look a bit haughty because they know they don't have to scrounge for food. They are neutered and cared for and add to the ambiance of the viallge. However, I have to say it is the only place like this that I can think of, perhaps Pitsidia will become teh second!! biggrin.gif


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