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Whole Lotta Shakin' Going On!

Posted by Dinny, 08 January 2006 · 1,515 views

I have been working since six this morning and around half-past-one I started to feel hungry, but I didn't really have the time to prepare lunch. So I decided to have just a glas of juice and to make lunch later.

While pouring the orange juice in the glas I had the distinct sensation that my vision was playing tricks on me, a strange feeling of movement which should not have been there. Well, I was actually standing on only one leg while my right leg was "curled" around the left and thoughts of "old age" and problems with the balance nerve occurred to me. Then my eyes fell on the kitchen sink where I had put yesterday's pots to soak till I was good and ready to clean them. The water was moving as if an ocean liner had just passed through my sink!

OK, I've never experienced an earthquake before, I think I would have expected some noise from the earth moving, or at least from books and objects falling from the shelves. But there was absolutely no sounds like that.

Do you have the same feeling as me, that when you experience something unusual that lasts only a few seconds, then you soon get the impression that it was all "in your mind"? After a while I convinced myself that I had probably bumped into the kitchen table when going to the fridge to get the juice, and that was why the water had been moving like that..... I didn't want to call my daughter, they were probably just about to take a nap after lunch, so I would wake up the kids if I phoned...

Ten minutes later my daughter called me to hear if I was OK. It had been an earthquake alright, and in Matala its normally felt much more than in Pitsidia, I don't know if that is because they're closer to the ground or the sea, or whether it's because they live on second floor over the bar. But they had felt it very much, my daughter had thrown Aria, my granddaughter, out of the window (well, from the kitchen window, which leads to the terrace outside) and grabbed Fani, the little one, under her arm before hurrying outside as well. Downstairs people were running from the bar onto the street.... a moment of panic, then everyone saw that nothing had happened and went back again to watch the news on TV.

My first earthquake ever! wink.gif

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