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What You Should Know About Isdn In Crete

Posted by Dinny, 22 November 2005 · 1,469 views

I once had an ISDN connection in Denmark. Meaning that I actually had TWO telephone lines, either I could use one for the internet and one for the phone line, or we could use two phones to call different numbers at the same time... using any phone connected to a plug anywhere in my appartment.

When I ordered and ISDN connection here it actually took only a few days for the people from OTE to come and fix it. One morning my phone was not working for hours and around eleven o'clock two guys came - only Greek-speaking of course - and mentioned something about OTE. I supposed they were here to check my phone line since it was not functioning, and they started a traffic with my phone in the living room. When they brought up a box and connected it, I tried to ask in some kind of mixed Greek and English whether they were here for the ISDN? Affermative. I then also tried to explain to them that the ISDN box was not to be connected in my living room, but in the small room I call my office, naturally next to my computer. Well, work was done and they just shrugged their shoulders to express that they couldn't care less.

Later on I then moved the ISDN box into my office and connected it to my PC and to the phone I have there. Fine! Now I can use my phone in the office without having to disconnect my internet connection.

But the phone plug in the living room and the plug on the first floor in my bedroom do not work any longer. ISDN means ONE computer connection and ONE phone connection - next to each other.

It's a bit like the water closets. In Greece they work differently than in other countries.

Who cares? The sun is shining nicely over the beautiful mountains... smile.gif

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