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Why Greeks Have A Problem With The Water Closet

Posted by Dinny, 04 November 2005 · 1,746 views

The first type of water closet was invented around 1550 by a grandson to Queen Elizabeth I. Ever since it has been improved until mid 18th century when it came to look a bit like we know it today.

I have been in remote places on the Planet Earth, but never in any (other than Greece) where they did not use water closets in the way they are normally used: everything out with the flush.

It is becoming an ever greater mystery to me why Greece cannot make water closets work the way they are supposed to, and somehow I wonder if use of these disgusting toilet bins is just a question of habit. If once the cloak system did not work well, let's never challenge it and improve! If the cloak system has improved, let's pretend we haven't noticed and keep our toilet bins! huh.gif

I am almost positive that in the home of Aristoteles Onassis there were no trace of toilet bins as we know them here in Crete!!


Nov 05 2005 04:11 AM
Yeah, I always wondered that too.... I'm sure Onassis can flush paper down his toilet!! My family has told me that the pipes are just not large or substantial enough, and that it is for now too expensive and I guess a pain in the ass to do... just not worth it apparently. I always get so used to it while there that I continue doing it when I get home, then I realize I don't have to!

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