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End Of Tourist Season

Posted by Dinny, 01 November 2005 · 1,905 views

Yesterday was for most people the last day of the tourist season. The weather was as usual - blue sky and clear sunshine - and the people in Pitsidia were busy cleaning and preparing to close down, most with a happy smile and looking forward to a bit of relax - at least till it's time to go and pick olives!

This morning I woke up and found it had rained all night, actually still dripping a bit. And suddenly the sky is grey and heavy with clouds as if even the gods of the weather had closed the tourist season. My kittens outside are shivering in the chill of the morning and are happy to see me as I come out with their warm breakfast - rice & meat.

There's nobody around, the usual morning noises are gone: The lady of the next-door "Isabella Rent Rooms" cleaning the pavement, the truck that always passes every morning at 8.30 with fresh milk, I can't even hear the usually very loud neighbours screaming. No cars hurrying back and forth on the main street towards Matala or Mires. No sheep, no dogs barking. Nobody. Pitsidia has stopped.

I wonder if today is a holiday? It is in Italy, but I'm not sure whether 1st of November is a holiday here. And with nobody around, there's nobody to ask. I guess I'll take my chances and go to Mires to find out.

It's a very nice feeling. All this absence of noise. You can actually HEAR the silence. smile.gif

how r u enjoyin livin in crete ?
QUOTE(Guest @ 2 Nov 2005, 06:23 PM)
how r u enjoyin livin in crete ?

Moving here is the best decision I have EVER made! smile.gif I enjoy every minute and I adapt to their way of living, which is VERY healthy in all aspects.

it must seem very strange with no tourists?i always go to hersonissos and id love to live there 1day but i could never imagin it closed if u know what i mean!how r u gettin on with the language?
Well, moving to the South of Crete was a choice also based on the relatively quiet life here, there are no masses of tourists even in the summer (apart from busses coming in great numbers to visit Matala, they stay for a couple of hours and then go back to whereever). I would never have chosen to live up North, but that's probably because I'm not a teenager anymore (hm, can't even remember I ever was!! ehehe). I'm not here for the night-life or the beach parties, so I don't miss the tourists when they're gone. Yesterday we had a barbecue in the street in front of my daughter&son-in-law's bar in Matala, and it was so nice. Friends and locals were there, and whoever dropped by was invited to participate.

I don't really make any great progress with the language. I have realized that it will take me a looong time to learn Greek. One reason is that I spend most of the time at home alone working (on the PC) and the second reason is that there are far too many people who speaks a little English. I have made deals with various people in shops/restaurants and Greek friends that from now on we only speak in Greek. I simply HAVE to be forced to find the words! And strangely enough, I manage to make myself understood when I really have to!


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