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Christening Party

Posted by Dinny, 23 October 2005 · 1,761 views

The weather this morning showed all the good signs for a perfect party: sunshine, blue sky, no wind.

At noon we all met in front of the little church in Matala... no, it's not little, it TINY, it has something like 10 seats inside, but that was no problem, the people just stand outside the church while the ceremony goes on. A what a ceremony! So much different from the protestant babtisms I've attended so far... each of the "madrinas" held their child while the priest made all the preliminaries, they then said their "credos" on behalf of the children, and after this we could move forward to the immersion in the water (which was an adequate mix of cold and hot (holy) water) and the children in turn were taken off all the clothing and went through the ceremony in the water. Aria, the 4-year-old, was participating in the most serious way, while Fany, tiny little nine months old did not find this interesting at all at screamed his hearth out all through the battism.

Afterwards the newly christened had a new set of clothing and we were ready for the party and all the gifts. The restaurant was of course already prepared for all the guests and we finally gathered at the long tables, while gift were received (but NOT opened in public!) and many an envelope containing money gifts were put in the pocket of the proud father. Then it was just eating and drinking, tzaziki, meatballs, saganaki, white pasta boiled in the meat soup, boiled goat, roasted lamb... and I do not remember all the dishes that kept showing up!

Finally, the music conquered the people and the dancing started. This was my first Greek party and I don't know how to dance, but that was no excuse, immediately somebody took me by the hand and showed me how to dance, and since, once you've learned the steps in the dance that is going on, it is not difficult to follow, we had a great time. Next dance, new steps, and always somebody ready to teach how to do.... :-)

At the end the dance was taking place on the tables! The kids, the women, all dancing, and those who were not dancing clapped their hands and threw flower petals over the women and girls dancing.

Such a fantastic party, it makes me smile just to think about it!


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