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You Want To Hear About My New House?

Posted by Dinny, 16 December 2007 · 5,597 views

Well, now is the time to tell you about it. I have moved in - and I love it!

The moving was hard work but eventually we finished it with the help of all my friends here, everybody was so helpful! And then, of course, it took some twenty loads with my own car for all the small stuff. I really get to wonder about how much you gather in a lifetime that eventually posesses you instead of the other way around?

Moving the cats was the funny part. I took two-three each time and locked them in the house, when number nine was in it was "locked doors" for a couple of days. Then I took care of following the advise of my English friend, Jenny, although it made me smile a bit: put butter on their paws before letting them out, so they will not get lost in the new environment. Well, after two days confinement in the house I finally made them all step into a small plate with butter and opened the windows. Now, all the cats that for two days had been scratching the glass on the windows to get out, all sat there in the open windows, busy licking their paws to remove the butter... nobody seemed to be in a hurry to go out. After a thorugh cleaning they adventured into the garden, little by little, discovering the roof of the house, the stairs leading up and with no possibility for the dog to follow, so this is where they spend their time now.

Bella is crazying around in the garden, she just loves it. There is grass to chew, earth to dig big holes into (she already had two big bones disappear in some treasure chamber of hers) and enough space for when she gets into her five minutes of madness and needs to run like a crazy. Which is exactly what she does.

After a couple of days I were here I noticed that some people were working on the road, which runs just in front of the house. A girl with a map, men with measuring things... I was sitting outside enjoying the sunshine... and after a while a man came to the gate asking if he could be let in: They had to measure for when the road was to be enlarged. As he said, pointing at my front wall fencing the properties: This might have to go. I felt like in a movie! I said, but I just moved in here, and now you want to take my garden? Well, as he explained, the road has to be much wider. I pointed at the cemetery a few hundred metres ahead and asked if they wanted to destroy that too? Well, we will move it, yes. Then he and another guy entered and they measured and planted a metal stick some 4 meters into my garden, taking most of the front garden away that is! I could not help laughing, this was so Salvadore-Dali, unreal... But as it can happen only in Greece: After some twenty minutes they guy came back and asked if I could give him the metal stick, they had made a mistake, the enlargement of the road was to be to 8 metres, not 12 as they had originally counted on. biggrin.gif So my garden is safe! .... for now!

Moving the telephone line was another Greek thing: I had enquired at OTE first and they had told me that it would take a full day to move the line. I was thrilled, what efficiency! They cut the line on Monday morning at 8 sharp. Some guys from OTE came by Tuesday to say that they had made whatever they could do, but that I had to wait for another guy to come on Wednesday to fix the rest. Nobody showed up Wednesday, and not Thursday either. Friday morning I went to OTE to complain and they told me to go home and wait, somebody would come. Of course, nobody came. A Greek friend of mine happened to be in Mires on Friday and "just in case" passed by OTE to ensure, that they were working on my line, since I needed it to be able to work? OH, we forgot! But we will send somebody tomorrow for sure. So a man from OTE came by Saturday afternoon and started to fix the cables outside from the pole to a connection point. Wauw, now I finally had my telephone line back! But the internet connection still did not work! Monday morning I went to OTE, I was told that nobody could come that same day, maybe it was a problem with my modem? (This is what they ALWAYS tell me, when the line is down). Anyway, they would send a technician Tuesday morning. Tuesday they call me to say they were too busy. At that point I started YELLING! Tuesday noon suddenly the line was OK (so it was not my modem, which I knew already) and somebody called me to enquire whether all was fine? Yes, thank you so much. After one week with no line I discovered that my email contained something like 60 mails with requests for work and it took me all afternoon Wednesday to reply to everybody and most of a week after to fulfill the work I had accepted to do.

And now? Well, it is almost Christmas although I have not had much time to think about it. I only have a few days of work left before I "close for holidays" and then I plan to go to Heraklion (Macro and Carrefour) for the Christmas buyings and on the 25th we shall hopefully have a lovely Christmas dinner among friends in my new house. Last year we enjoyed it very much and I am sure this year will be no less enjoyable.

And Bella can bark in the garden to salute everybody that passes the house, nobody will ever hiss at her again!

To all my friends at the ExploreCrete I wish a wonderful Christmas and happy holidays! smile.gif

I'm so pleased that you're settled & happy in your new home with all your pets.
It's an old wives tale about putting butter on cats paws to stop them roaming, but it was something used & told to me by my grandmother & mother & it hasn't failed my family yet!!!

Happy Christmas to you & yours

Hi, Dinny - soooo pleased you're settled and happy in your new house. I can just imagine Bella running like mad about the garden! Hopefully now she's got more space she'll tire herself out and sleep rather than bark, anyway. We're really looking forward to seeing you all again in your new house when we're next over.

Pam & Bob

Hej Dinny.

Tillykke med dit nye hus. Det lyder som himlen for dig, Bella og kattene!

Jeg kommer garanteret pludselig forbi en dag ... skal jeg tage kager med til kaffen? tongue.gif

Knus fra DanmarK
Glad that you settled in. Good tip about the cats and the butter, I'll have to remember that. But how did Christmas go???????
barney's mom
Jul 31 2008 03:13 AM
Hi, I've been a bit amused by your comments of life as a foreigner in a Greek village. Glad you and your menagerie of pets are settling into your new home. But, I have a favour to ask of you. I used to be married in that village Petrokefali about 20 yrs ago and times sound like they certainly have changed since I was there. I think your house is just by my old house. I used to live the other side of the graveyard at the Taverna/Cafe Seawolf which was owned by Babis at the time. I know he and Ine and the boys used to move between Crete and Holland but I lost touch with them when I moved to my current address. I've just compiled a scrapbook of my time there in Crete and it has raised some questions of my family. My daughter is about the age of his eldest son and I would dearly love an update of the family. He had a sister who then, had a house at the edge of the road on the right as you go back towards the village, Yanoula with kids: Daktarius, Rena and Eftichia. If you know them and can tell me anything about them, please do.
Hi :-)
I think that maybe you are mixing up the two villages: Pitsidia and Petrokefali ?
Petrokefali is the next village after Pitsidia, some 5 kms away I guess, and it has not changed much over the last many years, so people tell me. Maybe because hardly any foreigners live in Petrokefali?
So unfortunately I do not know the family you have mentioned, but I will try and ask my Californian friend Jimmy, who recently rented a house in Petrokefali and wants to remain there in the future. He is bound to know people around the platia, I guess.
I will let you know if I find out anything.
barney's mom
Aug 07 2008 12:32 AM
Thanks for your reply. I re-read your entry and yes, you are talking about Pitsidia. I dont know how I made the mistake, I had Googled Petrokefali and for some reason your blog came up. But nevermind. If you can find me any info on my ex or his family I'd be happy to hear some news. wink.gif

I did know folks in Pitsidia and used to spend a lot of time in Matala with other foreigners who'd married there, but most of the ones from those days have returned to their native countries, like me.

I just read your other topic about the cats, the pup and the goat. It makes me very mad. huh.gif Cretans may appear to be friendly people, but I think they are more friendly to the tourists who stay, pay them money, and then leave. As for animals, they have no feelings like us foreigners. Easy come, easy go I fear. I heard and saw a few tragedies in my short time on the island and I was lucky that I was able to bring back to the UK my puppy and he managed to live until he was 18 yrs, despite enduring 6 months quarantine when he was only 12 months old.

Take care of your animals and dont let them wander too far away. The animals need people like you but mainly the Greeks need to think about neutering. I wanted my dog neutered and the vet we went to didn't believe in it. He told my husband the dog wouldn't know you any more after. Well it only improved him and made him more relaxed and loyal once I got it done in UK on my return. tongue.gif

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