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So It's Forever Pitsidia? :-)

Posted by Dinny, 30 October 2007 · 4,543 views

Finally, I have news on the househunting! I have been taking this siga-siga, not wanting to be too eager but not forgetting it either that I wanted a change: New house, NO neighbours!

And, by a fortunate coincidence, the house just outside Pitsidia that I originally wanted to rent before even moving here (which my daughter at the time said would be too far away from the village, I would feel lonely!) turns out to be vacant from December this year. I have agreed with the owner to rent it and he is right now taking care of my contract. Extremely kind landlord, no difficulties at all, rent is the same as for the previous owner - and actually a bit lower than what I actually pay.

I will have the same space as in my actual house - living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, and a small room for my office - but a much bigger garden. I will from now on be self-sufficient on C-vitamins since there is a lemon tree, an orange tree, two small mandarine trees - and, of course, an olive tree.

Bella will be a happy dog, no more hissing on her, neither from me nor from my neighbours, since there is absolutely nobody living just near to us. I have promissed myself that with the money I save on the rent I will buy myself a stereo system with huge amplifiers. For two years I have never dared to play any loud music - from now on it will be my choice when and how loud my music will be playing - maybe just loud enough so that I won't be bothered if my dog starts barking. She will be allowed to do that from now on. smile.gif

I have not wanted to say anything about it for the last month, scared of jinxing myself biggrin.gif but now that everything seemed to be in place I thought I would let you know that it's not goodbye to Pitsidia and I am very happy about that. I love this village, I just didn't like my neighbours to decide how I should live.

I am looking forward to seeing friends from the ExploreCrete in my new garden - there won't be a sea view, but hopefully we will be able to sit peacefully in the shade of the orange tree and just enjoy life.


Dear Dinny,

Congratulations! Finally good news from and for you. I have been thinking about you and your "house-hunt" and how you were doing with your "not-so-kind" neighbour.

I am sure you showed me your coming place to stay when I visited you in May, but just in case I should drive by some day around coffee-time, please give a bit of directions, please?

Good to hear your news Dinny, it will be great for you to feel settled again.

We look forward to an opportunity of counting your lemons biggrin.gif

Best wishes for a smooth move.
You're right, Birgit, I probably showed you the house when we passed, grunting that this was the house I was supposed to live in. And since there had obviously been made a mistake in how things turned out, the coincidence factor just set in and corrected everything for the best! biggrin.gif So please drop in at what-ever-time next time you are down here, I didn't manage to see you during my holidays, but I thought you were planning a small autumn trip to Crete, weren't you?

Yvonne, I am sure I will need help in counting the lemons, the tree is quite old so I count on a good harvest!

Looking forward to seeing you all when I have settled in. smile.gif

Dinny, I am so pleased for you, much as I love your little house and terrace, I know you and especially Bella will be much happier with space for her to run around in and sitting under the lemon tree counting the lemons sounds like heaven. Is it within walking distance of the plateia?

All tthe best for your move.

Pam & Bob

Thats great news Din.


I think it got something to do with positive thinking, getting the house you actualy wanted at first sight. It's a bit like falling in love with an old love without the need to inveigle smile.gif biggrin.gif sad.gif

I wish you all the luck of the world!


Iam glad Dinny I will not loose you as a distant neighbor!!!
Ta leme-Ton

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