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Greeks Like To Stay Close To Each Other

Posted by Dinny, 08 July 2007 · 3,110 views

Still no news on the househunting. It takes time to go looking for a new house and at the moment I have loads of work and don't have any time to drive around. I will have to dig into that when I come back from my holidays in August, since I would like to move at the end of September if possible.

I did actually go to see a house near Agia Galini, a very nice house with a huge fenced ground around it. The owner had no problems with cats and the dog (which I asked even before thinking about going to see the house) so I went to have a look. Real nice house. We spoke about a rent of 450 a month. After a week he came back and told me he would like 600 a month. So as far as I am concerned he can keep his house empty.

Funny thing about this house: It was originally built in a totally empty area. The fence runs quite close to the house on the one side, while on the other three sides the ground is wide. But when I went to see it I noticed that somebody was building a big house just 3-4 metres from the fence, meaning there would be not more than 7-8 metres between the houses so that people in the new house could look right through the windows in this house. Peculiar choice of location! Apparently Greeks like to stay very close to each other...

I also notice this when shops are concerned. If somebody has a minimarket he can be dead sure that soon somebody else will open a minimarket a few metres away. Take Pitsidia: In the old town we have Kostas supermarket, some ten metres away another little shop with canned food and beverages and another 10 metres from that another Pantopolio with exactly the same goods to offer. I don't know which of these came first, but I would say we have a pretty good possibility to find whatever we need in daily grosseries. If only they would decide to offer different stuff instead of having all exactly the same brand of, say, dog food. Now, where would you guess that somebody else just opened a beautiful new grossery shop? Exactly between Kostas supermarket and the little ol' shop with canned food. dry.gif

A couple of years ago a hairdresser opened shop in Pitsidia and seems to have a good little business. And since it was such a good business, now we have another hairdresser here.

In nearby Vori I have seen four butcher shops so close that each of them could check the business in the other butcher shops.

I wonder why nobody is able to figure out which kind of business we actually need here. There is no clothing shop, no shoemaker, no bookshop, no kitchenware shop, no ATM machine, no post office, no electricity shop, no laundry shop... You name it, and we haven't got it. smile.gif

Hi, Dinny - sorry the place with the big plot of land didn't work out, looks like the guy got greedy. Fingers crossed you find something good when you get back from holiday. Also, I do hope the aggro you were getting from your neighbour has calmed down.

It does sound as though Pitsidia is getting over-populated with mini-markets!

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