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A Weekend Ahead With A Lot A Movement...

Posted by Dinny, 21 October 2005 · 1,504 views

Heavy weekend ahead... a little change from my everyday-very-quiet-life here in Pitsidia.

Sunday is the big event: the baptism of my two grandchildren, Aria and Fani. Aria is almost four and Fani is about 9 months old, so it's in good time they go through this ceremony. I am looking very much forward to my first "Greek Party", I'm told it's not a very big one, only some 130 invited, but still it will be fun to participate! In this occasion of great importance even my ex-husband and the father of my daughter will be here for a few days, I haven't seen him since we didn't need to keep continuosly in touch with regard to my daughter, some 15 years, so I'm looking forward also to meeting him again. He'll probably say "oh, you've put on some weight since the good ol' days" and I shall probably comment that he is the same old neanderthal that he's always been, and that should settle us in to go and have a nice dinner somewhere tomorrow night with my daughter and son-in-law, since it's her 33rd birthday.

I'll get back with a full report on my first Greek party... I hope I shall be able to fit in as the grandmother... and not as some hopeless foreigner! wink.gif

My dear Dinny,

my best wishes for your daughter's birthday and the happy event of your grandaughters' christening!

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