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Pollution Is Now Officially Illegal!

Posted by Dinny, 10 March 2007 · 3,028 views

Congratulations, Kriti! The word has reached the most distant corners of the island: It is now officially illegal to pollute the ground water and to throw litter in nature. smile.gif

The talk of the town (well, village) these days is the new rules (and heavy fines) concerning how to dispose of waste water. Before, you would always know who was using the washing machine, because the dirty soap water would be running directly onto the road and downwards untill it would find an open sewer or just run onto the ground somewhere. I don't know if the municipality has informed all the inhabitants by letter but all of a sudden everyone is concerned about moving the discharge hose from the washing machine so that the waste water runs directly into the septic tank instead of onto the road. Unfortunately, all this concern is not moved by an awakening acknowledgement of the necessity to protect the ground water and the nature, but simply by the threat of heavy fines for violating these rules. In fact, people are not happy at all about it, since it's expensive to have the septic tank emptied and with all this extra waste water going into it everyone will have to pay the 50 euro to the "votro-man" more often.

Of course, we will not see the police or officials from Timbaki more often in the village to check that all discharge hoses are connected correctly. In Kriti you never need this kind of control, since everyone can be certain that the next door neighbour will report it if somebody is not complying. Again, not for the sake of the nature, but more due to "if I have to pay more, then he has to pay as well". dry.gif

I would be very interested in reading these rules, but I have received no notice about them whatsoever. Fortunately, the mouth-to-ear news service is as efficient as ever.

Well, I'm pleased something is being done about pullution and throwing litter. However, what's wrong with using the waste water from washing machines to water your garden? During last year's water shortage some people were doing that in Britain and I've been known to go out into the garden with the soapy water from washing up to throw on the lawn. Still, I suppose you'll need to see the full set of rules to understand what exactly they are - soemtimes word of mouth can turn into Chinese whispers.

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