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A Visit To Lentas

Posted by Dinny, 19 October 2005 · 1,547 views

This morning again there were no jobs to get started on, which means I'm free to do whatever I want. And since the sky is dressed in its "intense blue" I think this is the right day to go for a visit to Lentas. I was inspired by Yannis' description of the road to Lentas (See Homepage, "Disko or Disiko") and also by the description of some friends of mine who went there often this summer.

The road to Lentas starts near Mires, and as I usually do, I immediately took the wrong direction. I mean, I started off by the road indicating Lentas, after a while I come to a cross-roads with no signs at all. What to do? In Italy, when there are no different indications it means that you just go straight ahead, so I went straight ahead at the cross-roads. After a while I finished in a small wood of olive trees and no possibilities to go further. OK, so I went back. Back at the cross-roads examining the possibilities.... straight ahead would bring me back to Pitsidia, going right would definitely bring me to Mires, ergo I had to go left.

I went up and up and up, and the view became ever more fantastic. Being a careful driver I don't really get to enjoy the surroundings while I go, so I had to stop several times to inhale the scenery. At the very top you get a breathtaking view of the whole valley, that must be Mires down there, those are the white windmills I always see on the top of the mountains on my way to Heraklion... small recognizable points that look so fantastic from up here. A few hundred metres further and I had to stop again, because now I got the whole view of the sea on the other side. Being here makes you feel sure that God exists, this place has certainly been created on one of his better days! Looking at the cliffs you notice that they are marked by the millions of years that have passed since Creation Day, could these stripes in the rocks really have been made by the water? Crete must have been a very small atol millions of years ago, just the necessary space for a dowe to rest and pick an olive leaf.

Going downwards towards Lentas is a continuos joy for the sight. The blue water is so far down there, the sun is hot and makes the whole bay shine like as if the water was made of millions of diamonds. Lentas is a small village, I park my car as soon as I get there to go and have a closer look. Small path down to the beach, a man sitting in front of Paradise Rent Rooms asks me if I need a place to stay, I thank him but no thanks, I'm just visiting. At the beach I find myself a taverna among the 10-12 tavernas which are there and order some fresh fish and cool wine. And while enjoying my meal with cats all around my table waiting for me to drop a bite I feel grateful to be alive and to be living in one of the most beautiful spots on Earth.

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