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Just An Ordinary Saturday...

Posted by Dinny, 15 October 2005 · 1,603 views

This morning there was no work to be done on the PC... there shouldn't be, it's Saturday! But you never know what the translation agencies come up with.... Anyhow, today they didn't think of anything in particular, small stuff that could wait till Monday morning for delivery.

So Saturday is all mine! smile.gif

The weather is wonderful, warm sun, small clouds but nothing to predict weather's worsening. So I decide that this is the right day to get some shelves. My books are piled up waiting for me to find a solution, as shelves don't seem to be a common article in the stores down South. So I borrow the Macro card from a friend of mine and set of for Heraklion to find "Macro", the store that has everything!

In fact, they had a lot of shelves, none which were just what I wanted, but I've learned to adapt quickly, at this point I'd buy any sort of shelves, as long as I get my book up in a vertical position. So I choose whatever is available and get it on my trolley. In the parking place I find two young guys and with a helpless smile and a "parakalo" I get them to put the package on top of my car. A few elastic strings and it's all secure tightly.

On my way back I got hungry, it was around two in the afternoon so it was alright to be hungry, and I hoped to find a small place for a quick lunch. Passing through the village of "Agio Deko" (or something like that) I stopped to watch a couple of "tavernas"... both empty - not a good sign, but hunger demanded a solution. The solution came by the host of one of these tavernas indicating me the parking place, and I thought "OK, let's give it a try".

The card seemed to have nothing special, surely I wouldn't order "spaghetti" or something like that, so I decided to have the souvlaki. Mind you, I've been here for one and a half month and so far I have not had a souvlaki worth eating, but since this seemed to be one of the few things to order, I gave it a try, prepared for the carbonized pork bricks I have had so far when ordering souvlaki. I also ordered a small caraffa of wine, and the host made signs that he would give me his own homemade.

The wine came, and it was fantastic! So good that I immediately asked if I could buy some. Yes, of course I could. Then the souvlaki arrived with a bit of fried potatoes and vegetables.... simply fantastic! SO tasty and tender, and finally I understood why souvlaki is such a famous Cretan dish! After the meal the host offered some of his homemade raki, and even that was something special! When making the counting at the end we had: one meal of souvlaki, tzaziki, caraffa of wine, 5 litres of wine to go, 1,5 litre of raki to go = total 20 Euro. Friends, remember to stop at Panorama whenever passing Agio Deka before coming to Mires....!!!!!

Well, most of the wine immediately disappeared as gifts, it was too good to keep for myself, but I will certainly go back to get some more.

The rest of the afternoon went by assembling the shelves and finally putting my books on their right place ... there is nothing like filled bookshelves to make a house look like home!

It has been a wonderful Saturday!

Dinny,a beautiful story to read on Sunday evening. Thanks!By the way, the name of the town is Agioi Deka, meaning 10 Saints.

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