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Cheap Car Hire In Crete

Posted by yannis_s, 30 June 2009 · 5,046 views

Tips and hints for cheap car hire in Crete

Hitting the roads in Crete with a hire car doesn’t mean that you have to spend a small fortune during your vacation time; quite the opposite actually, as cheap car hire in Crete is a realistic and tangible option.
Here are a few simple and effective ways to reduce the cost of rental and enjoy hassle free holidays on the island of Crete:
  • Book your hire car early. Usually the cheapest cars sell out faster. If you are planning to visit Crete amidst high season, it’s better to contact your car hire early enough, or at least when you have solid travel plans in order to avoid a force upgrade that will cost you more. Keep in mind that car hire companies make good offers before and after high season; therefore you can maybe find attractive prices and deals in September or early June.
  • Hire a small and economy car. If you are planning to visit Crete with your partner or a friend, you can try to book the smaller possible car that meets your needs and requirements. This is the best way to achieve a cheap car hire in Crete, as the benefits will be on multiple levels. There is nothing wrong in choosing a small, economy car. Most of them are actually pretty comfortable and can prove pretty convenient in the cities or beach parking. An additional benefit is the lower expenses when buying gas; big cars consume larger amounts of gas faster, opposite from small economy cars that consume less and slower. Read also: How to choose a hire car for your needs
  • Compare prices from several Crete car hire companies: doing some comparison shopping is a sign of a conscious and clever customer. If you want to ensure that you are indeed getting the best prices, go online and compare prices, availability and services. Make sure that you get the best value for money avoiding overpriced vehicles and services. Keep in mind that sometimes local businesses can be less expensive than international chains that charge based on their brand name.
  • Check daily and weekly car hire rates: sometimes weekly and daily rates may vary significantly, so it’s good to check what is better for you; in some car hires if you make a reservation for a week, the 6th and 7th day may be free charged less, therefore it might be better option to book a car for a week rather than for 4 days.
  • Ask for a car hire discount: even if you are not a big fan of negotiating prices, you should go for it. Most car hire companies have discounts that are not advertised, while others will lower the price in order to beat competition. Fishing for a better price cannot harm you for sure. Don't overdo it though, as very cheap car hire does not guarantee quality services.
  • Opt for cheap gas prices; same as with the car hire: try to avoid buying gas from gas stations that are known to be expensive. Consult with the locals, ask for recommendations and check the gas prices in Crete online. You are most likely to find the better prices and save money from filling the car’s tank at less expensive gas stations.
If you are looking for cheap car hire in Crete make well informed and prudent decisions. There are great ways to spend your money on the island of Crete, thus, it’s better to save when you can.

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