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Even More Memories--

Posted by SteveB, 08 October 2006 · 4,225 views

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Back in cold old England again,but as ever,even more memories of Crete.
The first week ,wehad to look after afriend who came over,so it wasnt untill the second week,we really slipped into the real"Cretan" mode!
Its strange,but somehow I always seem to need a couple of days of running round like a tourist before I shake of the British habit of chasing the clock,then I somehow begin to chill out and feel at one with myself--and with Crete!Trouble is,it seems no sooner do you reach this stage,than its time to leave!
One of our memories this time,was going late afternoon,across the "causeway"from Elounda,over the back of the island to the small beach where the dreaded "Disco-boats" go for thier bar-b-ques,after visiting Spinolonga.When they are not there,its a lovely place.
Whilst there,we met an Athenian lady,Mariella,who goes there alone but for 2 dogs and sits to write poetry as the sun sets.
As we talked,she explained how she loved nature and wildlife,then as the sun began to go down,she invited us to join her in the water,explaining she fed the fish and Octopi evry evening,and offered to show us how to find octopus!This was to good to miss!
2 hours later,with the sun gone and the golden glow of moonlight on the water,we finally swan ashore,tired,but happy!
Another high-lite,after years of trying,was comming across a group of around 15 to 29 Griffon Vultures flying low near the top of Katharo,and managing to get some pictures of these wonderful birds!
One thing I noticed this year,was at Vulisma beach at Istron,at the top end of the beach,there were an increasing number of naturist appearing,though,as there has been quite a lot of work done to "improve" this beach,Im not sure how long this will be tollerated on this beach.
Once again,the final high-lite of our trip,came on the last night,when Cretan friends once more treated us to a last meal at almost certainly THE best taverna in eastern Crete,--Stavrokakis at Exo Laconia.This time,there was even live music,and the place was full,---of Greeks naturaly!All I can say,is its reputation among the locals is well deserved!If ever you get the chance to go with a local,and let him order ,you will have a meal you will not forget!

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