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Posted by SuzyCreamcheese, 28 July 2007 · 5,440 views

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Few weeks ago I learned that untill that moment I didn't know the meaning of the word heathwave. Oh sure, hot summerdays have been passing along in my country but that was nothing compared to my holliday in Crete from June 15 till June 29.

As from the second day, things were going to turn out quite different than other years. Temperatures rose up to 40C at 11 a.m. up to 45 in the afternoon to 'cool down' blush.gif to 37 at night. Doing nothing was far enough to feel like a wet towel all day long. Coming out of the shade was an attack on my well-being and doing nothing wore me out just like I had been working for 24 hours a day happy.gif.

Taking a cold shower was a great idea wouldn't it be that after a few days the cold water tap only produced hot water dry.gif. Much the same for the water in reservoir of the toilet so when flushing the toilet was actually steaming laugh.gif Toothpaste became almost fluid....

The first week swimming was much fun but after a while courage sank into my shoes thinking I had to go and face the sun to reach the water; besides the stones and sand on the beaches were that hot that speaking of fried feet was no exageration (even with bathingshoes on). And then there was the wind.... only... it came from the Sahara.

In the car with the airco on was kind of fun, sleeping most of the afternoon under the fan was kind of fun, reading in my bed with the airco on was kind of fun.

But... still, I was the fortunate one. The local people had to go on working in this heath, so shame on me for complaining too much.

It was an experience I will be remembering for many many years and so will the Greek people, because I understand this heathwave caused a lot of damage. huh.gif

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